Banff S-45R shower cabin with sauna

                                    Banff S-45R shower cabin with sauna
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  • 2019.08.21 17:00
  • Modern
  • booth, shower, sauna, the bath, bucket, tree, shampoo
  • Shower cabin "BANFF S-45" with a Finnish sauna. The cabin is divided into 2 parts, in one there is a dry Finnish sauna, in which a stove is installed that raises the temperature to 100 ° C, and in the other part there is a full-fledged shower with a powerful steam generator that can raise the temperature to 50 ° C and make the air very humid in a Turkish bath.

    Product code: 231634

    Article S-45R

    Manufacturer Banff

    S Series

    Country Canada

    Type shower cubicle, shower box, sauna

    Rectangular shape

    Front entrance

    Pallet Material Acrylic



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