• Mozart 6 years ago
    Svipa extension, which is a set of predefined profiles, but not quite. Profile modifier adds to the Sweep of the advanced features such as quick access to changing the size of the profile, its interpolation and interpolation path and view the current profile view.

    Works in 2009 and earlier versions:

    The script consists of Profile Override modifiers, Sweep and graphic Panel that can work with these modifiers and Sweep.


    -Support of different directory profiles, adding, deleting;
    -Add and remove profiles from the catalogue;
    Rendering thumbnails;
    -Automatic dimensioning profile when it is added to the directory;
    -Can the individual size of the icons for each individual catalog until 256?256 peaks (when standard 100h200 you want to reconfigure file render pixels);
    -Window position, size, and all options are.
    -Determination of the profile and the ability to specify their exact value;
    -Edit profile;
    -A profile in the scene;


    This is a new modifier that represents a superstructure above the Sweep, with all the features of the Profile modifier.
    Master plus-moving scene on the computer where the Profile is not installed, you do not lose the geometry.
    Unlike the Profile SweepOverride does not work with the noble and the selected objects.
    This means that if you do, and this Instance modifier perenastraivaete settings, the changes apply only to selected objects.


    Specify the root folder of the 3dsmax and click "Retrieve".
    Restart the 3dsmax if it was opened.
    In the main menu, select Customize-Customize UI, navigate to the category of CFScripts and ProfilesPanel command.
    Add menus, kvadmen?, pane, or assign a hotkey.
    Use the quickest way to access Profile and SweepOverride.
    Another way is to assign a modifier from the list of modifiers.

    How to add a directory.
    In the drop-down list select the last item, enter a name and click the ' + ' to the left of the list.

    How to remove a directory
    In the drop-down list, select the directory and click '-' to the left of the list.

    How to add a catalog profile
    Select splines, and then click "Add new" profiles. "

    Curves must be closed, should not be samoperesekat?s?.
    If the spline was created from a geometry, you will need to deploy in the TOP window, apply a ResetXform and skollapsirovat? stack.

    Also, ask them to correct names without kirilicy.
    This is true also for directory names. Cyrillic is not supported.
    After the profiles are added, click the "Render" in a "Missing" to create an image for them.

    Modified: relative spread spline now doesn't matter.

    How to remove the profile directory
    Press Delete.

    All catalogs and profiles are stored in the folder plugins/profileV4.
    In principle, you can add and remove profiles and catalogs directly in this folder after you close the Panel.
    But add profiles better by using the to prostavila size.

    In any case, do not delete the following files from the folder Plugins/ProfileV4:

    How to apply a profile to a form or change profile form.
    Select the spline, call the Panel and double click on the image you want to profile.

    How to add a profile file in the scene.
    Deselect objects, call the Panel and double click on the image you want to profile. It will be added to the scene.

    How to render the image with permission, other than the default 100h200piks.

    Open the file plugins/render.max and set the desired resolution.
    You can change the file, and other settings, such as the render type, etc.
    Used in the graphical features of the material is in the first slot editor material.
    Save the file. Prior to this, it would be reasonable to leave a copy of the old file.

    Automatic scaling profiles when graphical features.

    If you change the aspect ratio of the image, most likely, you have to change the size of the BoxGizmo in the scene. This object defines the border, to which mas?atabiruets? profile to renderom.

    Each dablklik, you lose undo list. This is because the MERGE. Be careful!
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    I got this error after installing the script before everything was normal. What do I do?
    [Redaktirovano aress81 Included 7.6.11 16:18]
  • cyberflipper 6 years ago
    This is a known and all terribly nadoev?a? error Max 2011 associated with ribbonom, the script has nothing to do.
    A Ribbon that was previously enabled? If not, can join and you must turn off?
    Delete bot is easy-remove file profile.mse [Redaktirovano cyberflipper Included 7.6.11 20:46]
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    Something in the root folder is not removed. Writes error Max 2012.

    [Redaktirovano Alrisha Included 22.11.11 17:34]
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  • a great script for user-defined profiles. always helps!

    There are however a couple of points about the essential features-Edit:

    1. can I turn off the Stalking Prevention and window instansnogo spline? How to do two extra clicks.

    2. when editing the profile he zoomed shows in the original scale (and if editing in semi-automatic mode using Extract all OK)

    3. have an editable profile at the origin and the first point-so is his edit

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    I wish ctrl + z is pressed, if the roll before creating a profile that Max is loose (Max2013 64)

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    If the script is not necessary, it can be used in scenes with him to get out the error (in this case the name of the script is not shown), for example herehttp://3ddd.ru/3dmodels/show/rieilingh_na_kukhniu#comment_1370256  Remove Scripts Remove Missing Plugin (bp Track Scripts )
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    I pass for 2017 and would like to go along with the sim script. But it did not work out. Throws -Unknown Property: "open" in undefined. Profiles A modifier button also does not react.
    • Extremis 3 years ago
      I have the same "3ds max 2016" you have not yet decided the issue ???
    • filatkin_m 3 years ago
      The situation is similar for 2014 max. There was the transition to windows 10. version of the 3D Max has not changed. Perhaps the error is related to the fact that the new OS installed a newer version of the NET Framework.
      Alternatively, you can solve the problem this way: manually start profile.mse script that is in the plugins folder, then the main interface of the script is run. The method of working to restart Max. Or automate profile.mse making a copy in the same folder (named, for example profile2.mse), then, too, it seems to be working.
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    Tell me how to do this manually or where to set the path.
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    wrote Europlast, according to the instructions of the author, clicked to add, but the plus sign simply disappeared and nothing passed.
    In advance I apologize for the primitive question and thank you for the answer!
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    I have a work for 2018, but I can not create an image for a new profile. The profile itself is added, but the image is not there! Instead, here it is:https://yadi.sk/i/D3p6IpnI3TLThM 
    Read how it's done and all that, but it does not work like that. Maybe on previous versions of Windows or 3DsMax worked, but 2018 max on Windows 10 does not work!
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    Understood how to make pictures ...
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    2017 max, everything works, but, as it was already written, "ctrl + Z" after assigning a profile to press is fraught, namely - max will fly out, the scene, of course, will offer to save
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    Does not work, gives error --Unknown property: 'open' in undefined. Tell me, please, what is the reason? 3ds max 2016
    • MsRoma year ago
      Try to create a new panel specifically for this script, with the new panel it worked for me, and when the button was first made it produced the same error
  • Tell me if it works on 2019 max?
  • Roundpixel year ago
  • filatkin_m year ago
    At 2018 it works. Better to set manually. The file "ProfileV4 - full.exe" is a rar-archive, the contents of it can be unpacked into any folder. From there, you need to manually copy the "ProfileV4" folder and the "profile.mse" file to the "C: \ Program Files \ Autodesk \ 3ds Max 2018 \ Plugins" folder. Then run max and drag the file "Profilemacro.ms" into the program window. Should work on other versions.
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