Eurolampart Sibilla 16 Lamps Chandelier

                                    Eurolampart Sibilla 16 Lamps Chandelier
  • 3dsMax 2011 + fbx (Vray)
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  • 2017.10.11 13:22
  • Classic
  • eurolampart, sibilla

    Eurolampart Sibilla 16 Lamps Chandelier.

    The Italian factory Eurolampart was founded in Florence in 1975. Unique Florentine lamps are created manually by the secret technology of Italian artisans. At the forefront in the production of such materials as wrought iron, Murano glass and crystal, as well as the factory.

    Dimensions: W = 90 cm, L = 105 cm.

    The model is based on the original manufacturer dimensions.

    Materials and groups are named the same, as the model.

    Instance geometry, one multi-submaterial for model.

    Lowpoly geometry for turbosmooth.

    Object at 0.0.0, clean scene.

    The archive contains the OBJ file & more previews.

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