• melnikov32 2 years ago
    Can I have a more detailed description? What is the difference between a normal Windows Explorer?
  • orion27 2 years ago
    By the way yes: The given script was created for convenience of management, formation and use of huge libraries of models and textures without which the modern visualization is impossible.
    The basic principle of the script is based on the interpretation of each directory as an isolated "collection of models" consisting of the source files in the * .max format, the actual file-collection, which contains only proxy objects in the format Cproxy and / or VrayProxy, and their textures. The source files are only needed to re-create the collection, they do not change the script by themselves, except for renaming according to the given variant of the algorithm at the user's request. If the collection is complete, you can even delete them, this will not affect the functioning of the collection. However, making it impossible for you to make changes to the geometry of any model, if necessary, as well as reassembly of the collection again.

    In a nutshell: the script creates for each your model a proxy in the format of the crown and the time and allows them to be conveniently inserted to view and edit.
  • orion27 2 years ago
    Plus, it allows you to automatically insert the downloaded models into the collection, and without any difference in the order of the files of its textures: the script finds them all, copies the max-file to the specified collection, places the texture files and changes the materials to absolute, that is, the problem of missing or having the same file names - no longer exists.
  • sergey108 2 years ago
    I downloaded your script, thank you very much! I would like to describe in more detail how to install, how to use it?
  • orion27 2 years ago
    Here is the description, not the latest (hands do not reach, but better than nothing)https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B5F38dNa6gNuMGwxNVFDRnNOY3c 
  • Slashtore 2 years ago
    Maybe something is not right. --Syntax error: at bad, expected.
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Platform: Script
Size: 102 KB
Date: 2017.07.05 23:27
Style: Modern

Utility for batch management of the model database in the "3dsmax" format


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