Facade plaster "Bark beetle" view 1, part 1

                                    Facade plaster "Bark beetle" view 1, part 1
  • Материал (Vray+Corona)
  • 54.14 MB
  • 2018.06.17 18:01
  • Modern
  • plaster, ornamental, facade, bark beetle, seamless, white, light gray, gray, dark grey
  • Material seamless facade plaster "Bark beetle" 4 colors: 001 is a white, 002 - light gray, 003 - gray, 004 - dark gray.

    There are textures with the presented color, resolution 4048x4048 pix. The materials are made according to the table RR and RAL, if desired, you can select any shade from the table, the instruction in the attachment.

    In the archive seamless textures, material files and files 3ds max 2011 in two versions, for corona and v-ray

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