• waxcom 2 years ago
    Very powerful script with wide functionality. Thanks to the author, I tried my best!
  • Densigner 2 years ago
    Well, you're a maniac. In Autodesk it's time with such knowledge.
  • RUSTTM 2 years ago
    Great, thanks for the trouble.
  • Parik 2 years ago
    Is there, for example, a demo version? It is clear that 150r. not such a large amount, but it’s just that some kind of magic is happening on vidos)
    • StunBreaker 2 years ago
      Unfortunately, the demonstration is only in the lessons)
      But in reality, everything happens as in the video))
  • olegen 2 years ago
    And what then is 2017-2020max?
    • StunBreaker 2 years ago
      I did not quite understand the question .. these are the versions on which I could physically check the work, but thanks to users it turned out that 2016 is also a normal flight ..
  • olegen 2 years ago
    A lot of people are still sitting on the max 2014, maybe someone on earlier versions.
    • StunBreaker 2 years ago
      they can only sympathize)
      But the fact is that I do not personally choose the minimum version of 3ds max - it's the MaxSDK API, it often simplifies or subclasses and entire functions change. Why 2017 - I studied at MaxScript with this API, but that doesn’t mean that that the script will not work, for example, in 2015 or lower .. it’s about what was not tested .. maybe there will be no problems in the divergence of classes.

      I hope to be understanding.
  • Нічка 2 years ago
    Tell me, please, if the script is updated will it be necessary to buy a new version every time?
    • StunBreaker 2 years ago
      Good time!
      No, you don’t need to buy again .. if an update comes out - you just need to write to me in PM and confirm the purchase to my mail)
  • pikuka 2 years ago
    I did not check the full functionality, but in 2016 it works ...
  • oas 2 years ago
    is it possible to put a billion likes in one click on this script !?)) A worthy job! give a heel! :)
  • paz 2 years ago
    Cool) Thanks))
  • VadimMercury 2 years ago
    Agony! Thanks! Arrimus hasn’t seen him yet, so he’ll do an advertisement for you, how he gets to him!)))
  • makarkoff77 2 years ago
    Deleted comment
  • makarkoff77 2 years ago
    Deleted comment
  • pberezin 2 years ago
    It looks like a fierce thing. Must take! Thank you very much for the work done!
  • makarkoff77 2 years ago
    I forgot to add, after the script operation, the model disappears part of the edges.) Even after Proboolean, the grid does not deteriorate like this (depending on the case or luck).
    In any case, miracles do not happen.
    • StunBreaker 2 years ago
      you’re completely confused .. you don’t need to look for the reason in the script, I already answered you above .. your mesh is corrupted from the beginning ..
      you still need to be able to boil - no matter how funny it sounds .. send me a link in PM where I could pick up your model to point you to an error .. I conducted hundreds of tests - and believe your model is far from those complex tests, which everything worked properly.

      So far, of all the users, only you have problems, do not you think this is a little strange? )
  • NazarM 2 years ago
    is it possible to somehow create a toolbar or hotkey for a script? Maybe he is, but I can’t find him in the list. Tell me please.
  • mezo224 2 years ago
    Are there any lessons showing what each button is responsible for?
  • mvision3d 2 years ago
    I got a script. Very satisfied. It can be used both for the final product and for quick sketches. Saves time. Huge respect!
  • VadimMercury 2 years ago
    The question is, will there be further development of this script? A very promising thing, you can add a lot of chips)))
    • StunBreaker 2 years ago
      There will definitely be a development and, in principle, if possible, free time, something is already being implemented that is new)
      I can’t say when, but as soon as this happens everyone will know about it)
  • hamedagule 2 years ago
    thanks for coding this awesome script . i wanna suggest a feature that can make your script the best .
    add history option in plugin which can be enable for 1 to 5 operation (if you set 5 it will be slower )
    for example if u cut a hole with circle you can change circle position or size and press update geo and geo will recompute . ( no need live preview cas it makes ur script slow)
    • JezUK 2 years ago
      Great idea - I was thinking the same. To be able to edit the 'instanced' version of the operands would be great and is what the other Boolean commands already have in 3DS max.
  • d-vizz 2 years ago
    This is a bomb! Thank you very much!
  • lukx 2 years ago
    please option how to make it toolbar button
    • StunBreaker 2 years ago
      I will answer your question a little later (as soon as I get home)
  • VadimMercury 2 years ago
    Well, as I said, Arrimus got to him))
    • StunBreaker 2 years ago
      It was unexpected and pleasant to learn about it! )))
  • JezUK 2 years ago
    I'm confused - is this free or $7 ?
    • StunBreaker 2 years ago
      If you do not have PRO access, then it can be purchased only for money)
      • JezUK 2 years ago
        Ah, okay, I think I had one PRO access at the time. Now I have none so I must have gotten it for that reason :)
  • JezUK 2 years ago
    How can we set this up to be used via a Toolbar button ?
  • csly 2 years ago
    Hi there, when I run the script nothing happens. I'm on 3ds Max 2020 latest update. Really interested in your tool, please help me get it working!
    • StunBreaker 2 years ago
      Good time! It should work, I recorded video tutorials on the 2020th max .. Try a different version of 3dmax .. preferably a clean installation.
      • csly 2 years ago
        OK I'll try to reinstall. Any plans to make this script for 2021?
  • Yoogeen year ago
    Wow, this is a surprise! Something I rarely look into the scripts section. And this is not even a plug-in script! Many thanks to the author for sleight of hand and diligence!
  • tailorQPP year ago
    I bought to support, I don’t even know where it is useful to me. But the blog feed !! Professionally. I wish to continue in the same vein. Thank!
  • LexxoR year ago
    It looks like this script works the same as the others - only on simple test primitives. I tried to cut a hole on the model of a pistol, got an error "Possible operand intersection" or something like that.
    • StunBreaker year ago
      this error only says that your model has an incorrect topology, and it is impossible to apply a boolean operation to it.
  • chernov_renders year ago
    Thank you very much for your work!
  • Xenopteros year ago
    A very curious script. But will it work on 3Ds Max 2021.3? Nobody tested, comrades?
    • glazsan year ago
      Yes, it seems to work. And by the way, were there any updates?
  • Modeller007 year ago
    Please update for version 22. Want to buy. So I can't find a description of how to add a button to the panel
    • StunBreaker year ago
      have any problems with 2022?
      • Modeller007 year ago
        they say it doesn't work
        • StunBreaker year ago
          Nobody wrote to me about the inoperability, I personally cannot check the 22nd.
          • glazsan 11 months ago
            Zhenya does not work, we officially notify ..))) I would like to.
          • muhammad davlatov 10 months ago
            Hello, I need Strokes Gen 2021 2022 where to buy it
  • x0rec year ago
    Hey man, it isn't working with 3ds max 2022 as someone said earlier. Is there any update coming out?

    To give u more info, when u run the script nothing happens.
  • Ignacio Mullor year ago
    doesn't work in 2022. could you please update it , thank you!
  • glazsan 11 months ago
    Does not work. In 2022. Will there be support?
  • dimseabat 11 months ago
    DOES NOT WORK IN 2022! ((
  • muhammad davlatov 10 months ago
    Hello, I need Strokes Gen 2021 2022 where to buy it
  • Kraftjin 4 months ago
    For 22 Max will be?
  • monah62rus 2 months ago
    Wowhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RWVvVCrfOss&ab_channel=Arrimus3D  I didn't know about such a tool, seriously, but I regularly monitor Arrimus and now I'll definitely buy it, respect to you BRO!
  • TechChromer 2 months ago
    When to wait under max 2022? Script purchased
    • StunBreaker 2 months ago
      honestly, it's hard to say, there is absolutely no time, unfortunately, I am fully loaded with work. If this happens, I will definitely write about it here)
  • M.Marvin 2 months ago
    And as I would like for 2022 ... Just for the sake of the script, I keep 2018 ..
  • timurkagor 2 weeks ago
    I bought it, but it turned out that it doesn’t work on 22! How to return a purchase?
  • Lazko 2 years ago
  • adogruluk 2 years ago
  • Cryptos 2 years ago
    thanks! cool stuff!
  • sergey_cg 2 years ago
    Seems to figure it out. Fire
  • d_r21 2 years ago
    Thank you very much!
  • Ogan year ago
    that is great
  • kitchen designer year ago
    max 2022 ?
  • Isandish 8 months ago
  • slaven 6 months ago
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Fast Bool Script 1.0pro

model details

Platform: Script
Render: MentalRay
Size: 111 KB
Style: Modern

Fast Bool Script v1.0 FastBool is a small but very powerful script based on Boolean operations. Convenient and fast work. Verified versions of 3ds max: 2017-2020. Great blog on the work of the script: https://3dsky.org/blog/post/fast_bool_script_1_0  Video tutorials on functionality: Part 1: https://youtu.be/lrEMENfCaiw  Part 2: https://youtu.be/wACGU5GMZfE  Part 3: https://youtu.be/8nSMMWQQeTM  Have a good work! English: FastBool is a small but very powerful script based on Boolean operations. Easy and fast work. Verified versions of 3ds max: 2017-2020. Video tutorials: Part 1: https://youtu.be/lrEMENfCaiw  Part 2: https://youtu.be/wACGU5GMZfE  Part 3: https://youtu.be/8nSMMWQQeTM  Thanks for use!


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