• Pasha06062007 10 months ago
    What? let's go cook)
    • Eugene_Malakhov 10 months ago
      Eh ... Nostalgia)
      The series is super!
      This is a classic.
      • c3dm 10 months ago
        Who distinguishes a conical flask from an Erlenmeyer flask - check out this work at its true worth!
        I put 5 blue stars as pure as ice
    • Kenzo80 10 months ago
      Cho Cavo?
  • buskanini 10 months ago
  • Zolty 10 months ago
    But is everything inside too?
    • c3dm 10 months ago
      Yes, all the necessary reagents in the right proportion, gas masks, flasks, mortars, a crucible, Drexel, a crystallizer, and the most important feature is pepper powder. In general, the autolab is ready for long journeys through deserted spaces.
  • tonik2002 10 months ago
    withstood 1 series. Tyagomotin is not interesting. And the model is good.
    • Mozart 10 months ago
      In vain, a great series
      • Zakknayo 10 months ago
        +++ the best I've seen
        • elchuvachino 10 months ago
          Excuse me, is it even better than Game of Thrones?
          • c3dm 10 months ago
            I agree ... hobbits and potters and other star wars - for children. And this series is quite realistic
            • Viver 10 months ago
              The series is very good, but the second time it’s not interesting to watch
            • vvhiteraven 10 months ago
              I would say hard morally)
              The series is super.
              The bastard also watched the first series and did not look further.
              But they told me so much about him that interest outweighed.
              Well, then, stuck and watched 3-4 episodes in one breath.
              Sometimes I threw it for a week, as there were quite heavy episodes, and I am very impressionable :))
            • MaksimG 10 months ago
              But House looked a second time recently. Norm
          • Zakknayo 10 months ago
            The game did not enter at all. Rave
          • vladimir.drobzhev90 10 months ago
            Judging by season 8, now in general, we can say that it is better than the game of thrones, yes.
          • Ramzes-Architect 9 months ago
            No options, better Game of Thrones
    • klubnichka93 10 months ago
      Similarly, I had a series of 3
      • grdesigner 10 months ago
        I recommend still trying to see. The series is a cult. Dialogues, disclosure of characters is something incredible.
    • Kenzo80 10 months ago
      Meanings? Yes, this is one of the most fun and top TV shows)
      Judge by 1 series ...))))
  • Sarbagyshev 10 months ago
    We will stir up meth!
  • Cryptos 10 months ago
    where are the bullet holes?)
  • skorbien 10 months ago
    This van with a call on the ignition has problems)))
  • Taurus_dz 10 months ago
    This is my own private domicile and I will not be harassed .... b ** ch!
  • Kudryashov 10 months ago
    I'm just reviewing "breaking bad" now
  • arminradan 10 months ago
    That's great
  • elmar55592 10 months ago
    Yo yo yo 1483 yes 369 Albuquerque zhzhot, che-kavo su # a # a, wait for the signal!
    great model
  • sash5K 10 months ago
    10 out of 10!
  • Resolutiorj 10 months ago
    Best of the week, and Breaking Bad is best of TV Series
  • Pasha06062007 10 months ago
    Well now it remains to model Pinkman and Heisenberg and the Met Laboratory)
  • zakazchik81 10 months ago
    Great model!
  • 2-16 10 months ago
    - There, about four kilometers away, a healthy barn, but I did not see people.
    - Cowshed ?!
    - Yeah. Well, where do they live, cows. Come on, bro! Well, damn it, cook here?
    - Cowshed. God help me…

    Five Stars!
  • Lier 10 months ago
    Immediately the song began to play in my head when the model saw :)https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BUmpTKXpIdM 
  • Congratulations to the landfill master!
  • Ramzes-Architect 10 months ago
    give two
  • versatti 10 months ago
    in such old cars, the engine is usually ushatanny, are sagging rings modeled through which oil leaks?
  • zevsart 10 months ago
    cool !!!
  • epus 10 months ago
    Super! We are waiting for Pontiac Aztek)))
  • Zazza96 10 months ago
    How do you model this? You are a monster!
  • Zara99 10 months ago
  • Zara99 10 months ago
    Habibi masta unna raaaa
  • Art Kvadrat 10 months ago
    In anticipation of the feature film!
  • Zom6ie 10 months ago
    Cool model!
  • Fire bro! Test car!
  • StoneHeart 10 months ago
    I doubt very much that it is 4.4 meters wide.
  • AhmedYousef2048 10 months ago
    Yo .. wanna cook crystal meth
  • Uraken 10 months ago
    I watched the horror movie "Stop", there is a similar monster
  • Stalker-Ivan 10 months ago
    Wagon beguiled, where are the bullet holes? Addicts and climb. :-)
  • Ramzes-Architect 10 months ago
    Let it be here forever)
  • TOOL_DESIGN 9 months ago
    Always dreamed of such a fish
  • cgtrendy 8 months ago
    wow great work!
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Fleetwood Bounder 1986pro


model details

Platform: 3dsMax 2014 + fbx
Render: Corona
Size: 80 MB
Date: 2019.09.03 20:31
Style: Ethnic
Material: Metal Glass

The 1986 Fleetwood Bounder became the benchmark in its class and was as if specially designed to become the mobile lab for the Breaking Bad series! Everything was just perfect: an impressive size - almost 9.5 m long and 4.4 m wide, a powerful Chevrolet V8 engine with a capacity of 7.4, reinforced air conditioning, boiler, bathroom, microwave and gas stove. In addition, this mobile home could boast a tank for drinking water (460 liters), for “household” water (213 liters), for waste (268 liters) and a tank for fuel of gas appliances (90 liters). And the bonus was the volume of the original gas tank of 455 liters.

455,000 polygons

======================================= For Corona render, it is recommended to install a version of at least 1.5, since the glossiness of materials is configured taking into account PBR