• ElizabethBess 3 years ago
    For a long time it's time to give PRO for scripts, especially for such useful
  • AlexDonRumata 3 years ago
    Read in the blog. Cool! Thank you!
  • Densigner 3 years ago
    I also read Estess) Blagodario!
  • DukE_Od 3 years ago
    Thank you very much!
  • newzboy 3 years ago
    Thanks =)
  • TheRoomDesign 3 years ago
    If you explain why I can not change the value of offset x and why I have a ticked "fixed" max hangs (max 2015), then I will not be upset! I would like the script to work and you can use it.
    • StunBreaker 3 years ago
      Tell me more about what you are trying to do. You can in a personal, screenshots with the object and setting the script ..
      Ps so far your first case, I think something is wrong)
    • gosho84 year ago
      I think I know why. If you type the numbers on the additional numeric keypad (right), the value is somehow reset to 0, and if you type numbers in the row (top), the values behave adequately and everything works. I hope the developer will take into account this bug. And, by the way, max 2019 - normal flight))
      • StunBreaker year ago
        In fact, this is not a bug, (more flaw) .. all the number keys have their ID in the key workouts .. and those numbers on the right keyboard have just other IDs .. Only key ID numbers from the main keyboard are registered in the key workings any discrepancies will be reset (for example, you enter a word, instead of numbers) ..
        The next version will be anyway taking into account all the wishes of users, and this inconvenience is also fixed ..

        Thanks for the feedback. )
  • MeDeepak 3 years ago
    Thanks !!! Great Work.
  • valdidas 2 years ago
    Prikolno, but still vitally-necessary parameter of the size of the seam (between the tiles, parquet boards)
    • StunBreaker 2 years ago
      So far, the seam is regulated on the geometry itself), but I agree that it would be more convenient, in general, many nuances have already been noticed on the future version - and the seam as well)
  • artsandsver 2 years ago
    Thank you
  • uivfig 2 years ago
    Thank you!
  • Katya82 2 years ago
    good afternoon!
    Do not work indentation on the X axis ... what do you advise?
    • gosho84 year ago
      type the numbers not on the additional keyboard (on the right) but on the digital row from the top (where is the line with back space)
  • smaginivan 2 years ago
    Wow, that's the level!
  • ultramariner 2 years ago
    Does not work in Max Design 2012
    • StunBreaker 2 years ago
      make a print with an error, generally such errors so that it does not start - it should not be, but because of the 2012 version, everything can be .. it is necessary to understand what swears
      • ostrozhka-3dmax year ago
        Good day! Tell me, please, if it makes sense to buy for Max2012? Could you solve the installation problem for this version?
        • StunBreaker year ago
          Good afternoon, to be honest, I never received any response from the user .. and now there is no version 2012 on hand, I can only check it at work tomorrow (in 2012 version). I will give you the answer - it works or not)
  • ultramariner 2 years ago
    --- Compile error: Unexpected end-of-script This is what produces
  • Zhanna_mk 2 years ago
    Skoro shoping po 3ddd, tak cho eto pervoe cho ya kuplu !!!!

    Spasibo za vashu razrabotku
  • Zhanna_mk 2 years ago
    Ya po skriptam na 3ddd ne sharilas daje. A okazyvaetsya zrya
  • avenue 2 years ago
    Thank you !!!!!
  • suntomsk 2 years ago
    until 2019 is planned?
    • StunBreaker 2 years ago
      a new version is planned for the future - I will not say exactly with the terms, but on this version I have not received any reports about the script inoperability in 2018 or 2019 max. I do not have 2019 at my fingertips. )
  • vlad_24 year ago
    Thank you very much!!! Especially for hexagons)))
  • DUSSLA year ago
    is there english menu ?
    • StunBreaker year ago
      At the moment, unfortunately not - but there are plans for a future version, a language switch is planned.
  • veent1 11 months ago
    3ds max 2020 - normal flight, thanks!
  • pikksi 10 months ago
    Nice script.
  • Azamat121 7 months ago
    good afternoon! What is the difference between Floor Designer and regular Floor generatora?
    • StunBreaker 7 months ago
      Good afternoon ! Floor Generator is a plug-in, Floor Designer is a script .. Floor Generator only has built-in geometry presses for boards, Floor Designer basically uses your models that you tell it to. )

      Watch the tutorial video to make it even more clear.
  • Sergey9191 4 months ago
    Good afternoon, it works in max 20, but the menu is not displayed correctly, the monitor is 4k, the size and text are double
  • claudiofrusteri month ago
    Hallo, i have to buy a pro version but is in Russian language. Can I have an English language Version? Thanks in advance!
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Floor Designer 1.0pro


model details

Platform: Script
Size: 119 KB
Date: 2017.05.16 21:32
Style: Modern

Floor Designer - a script for creating different types of surfaces from any object. If you have not seen yet, you should definitely watch the training video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VOIlkyR_msg  It contains examples of how the script works with simple forms in different variations. More extensive information will be available in the Blog - which will be released soon. PS the script was updated, in yesterday's version bugs were found: 1) If the plane was not in 0 along the Z axis, then creation was impossible. 2) On the local scan in complex multi-forms offset textures was the same .. I apologize for these errors. And I ask to unsubscribe here or in the blog on the availability of different versions of max from 2012 to 2017.