• -NiK- year ago
    Users of previous versions can write to me in PM or on nik.gushchin@gmail.com and I will tell you how to upgrade.
  • Vlad911 year ago
    Great script, thanks!
  • Ruma2a year ago
    Great script. So there was not enough of this!)) You need to put a monument)
  • Filqwerty05 year ago
    saving time just rolls over ... thank you so much ...
  • Slavka-Prok year ago
    Gorgeous!)) Thank you! It was not enough)
  • swed2012 year ago
    The script is just super! Tile in the bathroom and SU is no longer a problem. Thank! Great job!
  • Nika's second plug-in mast hev? The first for me is uv tools))
    Thank you, kind man!
  • Bitchara year ago
    Sori, missed 5+
  • korobkov.pro year ago
    INTO THE FIRE! Dzyakuyu!
  • lion186 year ago
    Very useful!!!
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    nice thank you
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    Very cool, thank you.
  • fox_industry year ago
    Thank you
  • islam9589 year ago
    Great script!
  • SaqoG year ago
    Good script, does it work on round surfaces too?
    Well, let's say a semicircular facade of some kind, will it generate tiles there?
    • -NiK- year ago
      No script generates tile. The tile is generated by the floorgenerator plugin. And he can do it only on flat surfaces. On surfaces where all points lie in the same plane.

      The script divides any geometric object into flat surfaces suitable for floorgenerator. How many of these surfaces will turn out depends solely on the object, the semicircle can be made of 6 segments, and it is possible of 600.
      • SaqoG year ago
        Ok, thanks for the info.
  • Devka year ago
    Thank! Great script!
  • petrovich23rus year ago
    very cool!
  • Azazelo year ago
    I sent the archive to your email
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    oh my god it's super !!!! Thank you very much!
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    May God give you health and all the best for such a simplification of life! :))) Thank you :)
  • Maketer year ago
    Thank you for the script, satisfied with the purchase!
  • pet046 year ago
    Deleted comment
    • -NiK- year ago
      Do not suffer, just write to the email and I will give the latest version, from version 1.1 there is an installer.
      • pet046 year ago
        Thanks, I already figured out, but I would have the latest version. alex-vialk@rambler.ru How do you confirm the fact of purchase?
  • The script is super! At the next project decided to purchase. The test was a great success. Thank you for your help!
  • olyushka_li year ago
    Tell me, I can not figure out how to install it
    • -NiK- 11 months ago
      Follow the recommendations in the very first comment.
  • dizzy014 11 months ago
    Bought super! I am very glad, now there is less hemorrhoids with this flora =) I haven’t even taken off, I have not yet. (Usually I often flew)
  • danikpranik 11 months ago
    Huge thanks to the author !! The script is simple and convenient, san-node is now done in 5 minutes !!
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    SPASİBO !!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Cool. Thank you very much!!!
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    Thank! useful script!
  • nnnkkk 10 months ago
    The script is awesome, thanks a lot!
  • MSIcloud 10 months ago
    Bought on hqdetails to support the developer. Version 1.3, which is posted there, is it the latest at the moment or is there an update?
    • -NiK- 10 months ago
      Thanks for the support :)
      1.3 is currently the last. Since then there have been no feature requests, except for the impossible.
  • Artnway 8 months ago
    Can I have an icon? : D
    • -NiK- 8 months ago
      Read the very first comment
  • Soul+ 8 months ago
    Thanks to the author!
  • Tenro 8 months ago
    5 points! Many thanks to the author! The plugin saves a lot of time when the tile needs to be laid out on several planes. I advise everyone! )
  • sasha300 8 months ago
    If you buy athttps://hqdetails.com/shop/floorgen-tools,  will there be free updates?
    • -NiK- 8 months ago
      If the question is whether they will be free, then yes, they will.
      And if the question is whether there will be updates at all, then this is unknown.
  • whitepaper 7 months ago
    Thank. I recommend!
  • walkman_23 5 months ago
    MAN with capital letters, THANKS to you unimaginable, THAT ARE COOL !!!
    The script is just ZABOMBIC !!!
  • johnywalk 4 months ago
    Deleted comment
  • Ekaterina Pantic 4 months ago
    Hello, I bought you this version 1.09. Can I upgrade to the latest version?
  • slave of creator 4 months ago
    I bought your product but cannot install it. Do you have video installation instructions?
    • -NiK- 4 months ago
      Just follow the recommendations in the first comment
      • slave of creator 4 months ago
        Ya zdelal vse kak napiseno. Neznayu pochemu ne rabotaet tam ya vitashil knopku najal na nego “ok” potom peretoshshil tuda vtorogo file. Potom proveryal tam napisena shto FG ne ustanovlena
        • -NiK- 4 months ago
          Script needs floorgenerator plugin
  • Elvira_nazarenko 3 months ago
    Hello. Question about installing this script. I do everything according to the instructions, I have Floor Generator, but the Macros file is not dragged into the 3DMax window, so the script cannot be installed. What to do?
    • -NiK- 3 months ago
      Read the first comment and update. In new versions, the normal installer
  • sergo632 3 months ago
    Super script! How did I live without him!))
  • Nassk 2 months ago
    Deleted comment
  • minivipers month ago
    I have puschased from sowhere else today... 1.5.1 ... is that possible to upgrade???
    • -NiK- month ago
      I don't understand where and what did you purchase. Also I did not recieve any emails.
  • TanyaSirotkina month ago
    Hello! thanks a lot for the script !! this is genius!!
terms of purchase
If 3d model has PRO-status
  • 1. Buy PRO access (you can buy at least 2 PRO)
  • 2. Download any 3d models in PRO-status, at your convenience

If the icon is FREE or OM and you do not have enough 3 accesses per day
  • 1. Buy Advanced Access FREE (1 to 12 months)
  • 2. Download the necessary FREE models in quantity up to 30 models per day
Rules for using models

FloorGen Tools 1.09pro


model details

Platform: Script
Size: 22 KB
Date: 2019.04.14 15:11
Style: Modern

Script to simplify working with FloorGenerator plugin on vertical surfaces and not only. The script requires the installed FloorGenerator plugin.

Functions: - Creating the right surfaces and adding an instance of the FloorGenerator modifier - Local transformations (shift, rotation, flip) with saving instance modifiers

GIF demo: https://hqdetails.com/shop/floorgen-tools