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  • 3dsMax 2014 + obj (Vray)
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  • 2018.06.01 17:36
  • Ethnic
  • florarium, aquarium, water, cactus, brace, vase, moss, plant, dog, stones, fern, wheel, door, table
  • A plant terrarium or a florarium is a container of glass or dense plastic, inside of which often moisture-loving plants are planted, and the hole is narrowed from above or even closed. Terrariums for plants do not always have a narrowed neck, there are also those that visually resemble an aquarium.

    Table (Uttenreither Design) Dimensions of the table: The length is 1200 mm, The depth is 550 mm, The height is 700 mm. Style / Industrial; Under anti-aliasing - if necessary, use Turbosmooth - max file 2011, Vray material - textures.

    Polys: 463 5720; Display Unit Scale - Millimeters; System Unit Scale - Millimeters.

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