• foad3d 2 months ago
  • grol69 2 months ago
    delivery is excellent ..
    • c3dm 2 months ago
      And the cottage is excellent
  • Slim3D 2 months ago
    Superrr! Car fire! +5
  • sahraroz 2 months ago
    very nice
  • UMD 2 months ago
  • AlexHappy 2 months ago
    Very cool!
  • only from the bathhouse
  • Aivory 2 months ago
    When I see this car, I always remember Clarkson’s words, “She's on my nipples!” =)

    Work fire!
  • Germain 2 months ago
    Desyatochkaaaa !!!
  • Gestas 2 months ago
    Presented cool. Lighting liked it!
  • ardavan18 2 months ago
  • ardavan18 2 months ago
    big likeeeee
  • Kenzo80 2 months ago
    Cool tachila.
  • Nick_pan 2 months ago
    Sooo cool !!
  • a-n90 2 months ago
  • reyhaneh2004 2 months ago
    So good
  • Zom6ie 2 months ago
    Good job
  • v e r t e x 2 months ago
  • zevsart 2 months ago
  • Arc.Shikar 2 months ago
    this is awesome
  • maestrorobertus month ago
    I appreciate the hard work done on the model, but also have a few critics:
    1. The model has some bugs, leading openSubDivs to crash V-Ray.
    2. The model has a lot polygons, lot edges chamfered and rounded on places you never will look.
    3. No edge weighting, would have save a lot geometry.
    4. The exported file is OBJ, with no material tags. All is one material and a lot vertex got welded. Not very user friendly.
    5. The textures are waste of time. They are just standards a waste in my opinion, better reshade the model.
    6. No texture on the inside, no license plate, no wheel gum texture (with the typical inscriptions). You can also delete all Uvs.
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Ford F-150 Raptorpro


model details

Platform: 3dsMax 2011 + obj
Render: Corona
Size: 38 MB
Date: 2020.03.09 23:54
Formfactor: Rectangle
Style: Modern
Material: Metal Plastic

In the archive: - 2011 MAX (Corona 3) - OBJ - Textures Corona render, it is recommended to install a version of at least 1.7, since the glossiness of materials is configured with PBR in mind.


cars, ford, f-150, raptor, offroad, the car