• Tambsbook 5 months ago
    hi...why the wool is golden color? and the hair is too huge the scale, how can i reduce the scale of the fur?
  • jocker 5 months ago
    At the expense of wool golden color. Probably different versions of Vray, it's hard to say. If after importing the model the fur is long, then there is an easy way to solve this problem. Go to the styling menu and select the scale tool, you need to increase the size of the comb more than the size of the fur and reduce it to the desired size.
  • Tambsbook 5 months ago
    hi..im using 3dmax 2019 Vray, i cant see the comb to resize in styling tool. is there any way to chatt?
    • jocker 5 months ago
      Write to me in private messages.
  • Albion_INC 5 months ago
    This does not work in 3Ds Max 2020 or with Vray Next.
    First of all, it's humongous. Which is a problem because the hair and fur modifier does not scale with the object.
    Secondly, the materials don't import correctly. Just comes in as a mustard yellow blob.
    And lastly, after you scale it down to the right size, you have to re-comb all of the hair and change every parameter. Basically, you are just buying the shape of a rug and creating the fur from scratch.

    There are better rugs on here, don't waste your time or money.
    • jocker 5 months ago
      Firstly, I wrote a description in which version of 3D max and vray the rug is made. Secondly, the hair is scalable and the material is perfectly tuned if you know how. And thirdly, who have problems with fur, I try to help. And I will try to help you! I will write in private messages. Dont be upset!
  • Fantom Ury 4 months ago
    Same problem Max 2020 V-rey 4.30? it turns out like a pool of golden color ...
    • jocker 4 months ago
      Just change the material to a new one. Simple vray mtl. with the right color.
  • jocker 4 months ago
    The carpet is really great. I can render it to you in any version of the max above specified and will look the same as on the render. Guys, you’ll learn to work a little with materials and there will be all the norms. Once again, regular material without any reflections, falofs, only with color on the diffuse will give about the same result as mine on the render. Only the material needs to be thrown into the hair and fur modifier itself. Or create a new hair mtl special wool mat and also twist it into the hair and fur modifier and the result will be even better than just a vray mat with a diffuse color. If something does not work out, ask, I will try to help.
    • Fantom Ury 4 months ago
      So the point is not that we don’t know how to work with mats) I’ve done everything already, I can’t argue with a good model, I had to modify it a bit for my Wishlist. Anyway, thank you for the model! I wish you success
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Forsyth New Zealand Sheepskin Skin Rugpro


model details

Platform: 3dsMax 2014 + obj
Render: Vray
Size: 4 MB
Date: 2019.12.06 20:10
Formfactor: Bioform
Style: Modern
Material: Fur

3ds Max 2014.V-Ray 3.40.01. File formats obj, fbx without wool. Forsyth New Zealand Sheepskin Skin Rug. Before rendering, go to the Rendering - Effects tab, click on Hair and Fur and select mr prim mode below. If there are problems with the rendering of fur, write to me. I will try to help you. Size: 100x72 cm. System units mm.