• freezemaximus 6 years ago
    Well, all survived. Camera with built-in phone and it sounded like a joke)
  • Parik 6 years ago
    Can you use this product, if I want to be in touch, not only with loved ones, but also from distant people? Just as phone-would be useful so that you can call a thread somewhere far, far away. or still call this thing can just a Bell?)
  • Ejevich 6 years ago
    Parik, realized Sam posted?)
  • valerevich 6 years ago
    Parik dude, you obkurils?!) Sorry for offtopic)
  • maschera 6 years ago
    Parik! With)))))))))))))))))))))))))))) but the truth)))
  • Lecturer 6 years ago
    Yes Parik, you're right! Probably worth the wait the new model, which is all inclusive!)))5 +  
  • Filipok 6 years ago
    maschera purchase Nokia 808 pureview there already all inclusive =)
  • Dmitriy.Bogachev 6 years ago
    It was a misunderstanding! As such in your Pocket wear?! With all that battery not have stronger ...
  • ustym 6 years ago
    Yes full p. .. Utopia!  
  • andruxajkh 6 years ago
    so phones and so there is almost like a normal camera on fotike or better. already b did then with ob?ektivom great as TRAC fotike-can at least people would be stronger than rasme?ili)) what is rolling ... PPC cell
  • In-design 6 years ago
    These phones were already seven years ago exactly, but then the telephone switchboard was already part of the tacha.  
  • nick_h-s 6 years ago
    Parik rights comment should be meaningful)
  • design85 6 years ago

    Thank you!

  • dema98 6 years ago
    a good model, but here is the phone itself.(
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model details

Platform: 3dsMax 2012 + fbx
Render: Vray
Size: 13 MB
Date: 2013.07.11 12:02
Formfactor: Rectangle
Style: Modern
Material: Glass Plastic

This is a new idea from Samsung company, create no ordinary gadget for those who love to take pictures and at the same time to always stay in touch with loved ones:)