• Brast 3 months ago
  • 3d Vlad 3 months ago
    Very cool! detailing is very happy!
  • grol69 3 months ago
    Awesome work
  • grdesigner 3 months ago
    In such works, in addition to a high level of performance, the opportunity to customize the model to your scene is pleasing. Sometimes you buy, beautifully, but the model does not get up to the specified dimensions.
  • dedora 3 months ago
    Everything is detailed well, the hammock is not hanging
    • Yoogeen 3 months ago
      Thank you for your comment. The hammock was completely suspended in marvelous to a state of sag along with a plaid and pillows. If you mean that a couple of ropes do not look fully stretched - yes, maybe. They “torn” dozens of times, and this is the maximum that I managed to extract. But the fact that the angle of the ropes coincides with the angle of sag is 100%) and so, of course, I'm not perfect))
      • dedora 3 months ago
        The hammock theme is always interesting. In this case, I should write that I saw a mass or just one FFD, the corner of which is worth pulling and all the natural sagging is distorted, and the width. The ropes are simply tied to it. Perhaps short in length (do not lie down)
        In general, it turned out beautiful.
    • Brast 3 months ago
      This is you. Don’t stand legs got up or something. Once again I am convinced that no matter how cool the work is, there will be a person who will run her around.

      Someone will sit there and there will be a stretch. See the hammocks hanging without people. I just have a hammock, so I know what I'm saying. When you get off him, he somehow does not stay very tense.
      Why how much MB? There are 3 files in the archive - corona vray fbx + textures.

      If you do not need such detail at the moment, then this does not mean that everyone does not need it.
      • dedora 3 months ago
        Maybe I didn’t get up, do not stand legs. With a comment like yours, it's easy to change your point of view
        I also have a stool at home and it can be moved on the floor and, moreover, you can sit on it and it will not bend under weight. It's not about that, but about how it looks from the creative side of the look, so that the human eye believes that it happens in the real world, even if it is.
        Most hammocks in reality tend to sag towards the twisted fabric if they do not have solid stretch marks in the form of a strap or if the ends of the ropes are not directed in different directions.
        If you have a hammock, this does not mean that no one else has it
      • Prosperum 3 months ago
        You are saying everything correctly, there will always be a person who will crap ... What is funny, often this is the same person))
  • kolamba 3 months ago
    Cool work, 5+
  • crankdxb 3 months ago
    Well done! *****
  • Yoogeen 3 months ago
    Many thanks to all for the comments!
  • ElizabethBess 3 months ago
  • EkaterinaJolie 3 months ago
    very very cool work! the eye is not overjoyed)
  • Mare_NNN_a 3 months ago
    Cool hammock! Eh, a little earlier, I would have stolen into my project :)
    The niche of the hammock models is free enough on 3ddd. Therefore, I am sure your model will be in great demand. Great sales!
    • Yoogeen 3 months ago
      Thanks! Yes, I was looking for my project here too, I was even surprised - there are few hammocks and that’s it! I had to model) Well, but the replenishment of the base
  • isnogud 3 months ago
    Reading some comments, it seems that they didn’t put the model in the store, but the renderings in the art gallery. From myself I’ll say cool modeling, keep it up!
  • spurt 3 months ago
    Superb performance! Aerobatics!
  • JustFindMe 3 months ago
    Nezhnyatina) I wanted to sleep already) I always dreamed about a hammock!
  • daffake 3 months ago
  • anna316a 3 months ago
    Looks great ! :)
  • Lerundriya 3 months ago
  • OLION 3 months ago
    Awesome model!)
  • Alexey_M 3 months ago
    Really successful model) Honestly)
  • Spirif 3 months ago
    Work is not ashamed in the corner instead of the icon to hang.
    This is who and where such courses in Marvelous can be found to do the same work?)
    • Yoogeen 3 months ago
      Thanks! When I didn’t know the program at all, I watched what was on the Internet. You can see how Artyom (qqwww) does, here on the site the lessons were in beds. And then only practice gives more, IMHO. Own methods are born) If you understand the logic of the program, then everything is not so complicated, rather the question of time costs arises - if you want to do something in 5 minutes, it is possible, but it will look accordingly)
      PS I recommend using hot keys (from Z to M bottom row) - it speeds up the process so much when you get used to it
      • Spirif 3 months ago
        There somewhere in the program the layout of these keys is written, where what does it do?
        Because I can stick sofas, pillows, but in more detail, I have to sit down and poke around, I looked at a lot of lessons, but nobody specifically explained the program itself, something like: "We do this, that, and so we have a sofa "- why are we doing this, why exactly? Nobody speaks, probably because they don’t know.
    • Yoogeen 3 months ago
      Well, this is certainly not a creation lesson, but very briefly you can see how it looks in Marvelous :)https://youtu.be/H0Q0et4oSi0 
  • ValeriiaDS 3 months ago
    Great done!
  • petrovich23rus 3 months ago
    super cool modeling, super right hammock.
  • Yoogeen 3 months ago
    I thank everyone once again for the feedback, it is valuable and pleasant!) Especially when you do some things really a bunch of hours, and sometimes more than once starting over
    • Max_Man 3 months ago
      More such work on the site. And then already sick of luminous balls and cubes in sections with models ...
      • Yoogeen 3 months ago
        Thanks! But it’s nice when you see a chandelier made of balls in the TK, you drive the name on the site - and cheers: the model already exists!)
        • Max_Man 3 months ago
          Especially when several dozens of authors have several copies. And how you need a good hammock - so figs you will find. Well, thank God now there is :)
  • Yoogeen 3 months ago
    Briefly about the creation)https://youtu.be/H0Q0et4oSi0 
  • andy@ 3 months ago
    oh oh yoshanki)))) super !!!!
  • X_N 3 months ago
    Great job!
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Hammock BREGNACpro


model details

Platform: 3dsMax 2011 + fbx
Render: Vray+Corona
Size: 145 MB
Date: 2019.12.17 22:11
Formfactor: Oval
Style: Modern
Material: Fabric

Hammock BREGNAC Manufacturer AM.PM Dimensions: • Sleeping place: 190 x 100 cm • Overall dimensions: 270 x 100 cm. The model is presented in two colors, dark and light. 3ds max 2011 + FBX. Corona + vray For Corona render, it is recommended to install a version of at least 1.5, since the glossiness of materials is configured taking into account PBR Who works in the V-Ray version lower than 3.1, be careful, in the materials in the BRDF section there is Microfaset GTR (GGX), if your version is older than 3.1, then the BRDF field will be empty. Choose Blinn, Phong or Ward - which is more preferable for you All ropes are saved as splines - to save resources and if you want to change their parameters, mesh density, length, etc. TurboSmooth is open. In each file there are 2 hammocks: with dark material and light. The bend modifier will be thrown on the hammocks - if you need to adjust the sag. Turn on if necessary. In a separate folder there are detailed screenshots of Hair & Fur settings (for the FBX version) Attention! If the wool looks disproportionately large during import, do not rush to change the settings. Click the Regrow Hair button in the Tools & Hair scroll of the Hair & Fur modifier (this may be due to the different system of units in which you and I work) link to the hammock model and manufacturer photo https://www.laredoute.ru/ppdp/prod-350056286.aspx#searchkeyword=bregnac&shoppingtool=search