• arminradan 7 months ago
    That's really nice
  • urdis 7 months ago
    I have never felt so deceived! Or not attentive. Why is this model not free? This is a cube per cube with a texture !!!
  • Cat-Spirit 6 months ago
    Really wonder why this is a pro ??? where administrators look ..
    • Sergio46 6 months ago
      Because this model does not hang your project and miscalculates in a matter of seconds. You just need to be careful about the description and weight of the model ...
      • Cat-Spirit 6 months ago
        I wrote about something else. it's amazing that this is a pro.
  • newzboy 6 months ago
    This is the hell!
    Thanks for the model
    This sometimes, the same is needed =)
  • djun 6 months ago
    I demand a refund for the model !! This is not PRO !!! Moderators! Please pay attention to this model!
  • ICONIC-DS 6 months ago
    I demand a refund for the model !! This is not PRO !!! Moderators! Please pay attention to this model!
    • urdis 5 months ago
      yes it's kapets! download and afiguev !!! for what other long-range plans in 2K19 !!! in 2006, the whole scene in max was supposed to be 1 million. polygons. and now all 1080Ti and 32GB of RAM and one chandelier in a million polygons is not the limit! why figs us a cube with the texture of the cabinet in the interior with fixed lighting ????
  • Designnovur 4 months ago
    I regret that I hurried and did not read the reviews. What is this all about? No filling, just boxes !!!
  • Ivan20002 2 months ago
    Good afternoon, I wanted to find out I often buy 3d models 1 model surprised mehttps://3ddd.ru/3dmodels/show/garderob_layer_novamobili_2 
    explain on what basis it has the PRO status, I want to return it, I ask you to return 1 download of the PRO model, it does not comply with the rules and standards of this site.
    link to the description of site ruleshttps://3ddd.ru/faq/category/11/show 
    PRO is a complex high-poly paid 3d model, with superimposed textures and correctly configured materials.
  • Ivan20002 2 months ago
    I didn’t download the texture but the model; if the admins and the author of the model do not know, then I can edit the model to fit my size, just remove and add it, I’m not on the photoshop website but on the 3ddd website
  • Ivan20002 2 months ago
    PRO - complex high-poly paid 3d model
    FREE - free 3d model, texture or material
  • Ivan20002 2 months ago
    thanks for the measures taken
  • sevilla_al 2 months ago
    there is no nicherta at all, no shelves, no clothes, and more of a highlight
  • nopddd month ago
  • лана0606 month ago
    depth of the bar does not match 600 mm
  • Sergio46 month ago
    It's a shame (
  • Nastia223 3 weeks ago
    Thank you all for the comments, but the model was still useful, thanks! )
  • Маленькая_86 2 weeks ago
    Thank you))
  • Dobriy 6 days ago
    inside empty shelves no clothes nothing
  • photo_med 3 days ago
    The description says that with the filling ... People write, empty. Change Description
    • Sergio46 3 days ago
      Everything is described in the description, be careful!
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Wardrobe LAYER Novamobilifree


model details

Platform: 3dsMax 2014 + fbx
Render: Vray
Size: 2 MB
Date: 2019.08.09 15:36
Formfactor: Rectangle
Style: Modern
Material: Metal Glass

The lightweight model is perfect for medium and long angles !!! In a set of 2 cabinets with filling made texture !!!