• ElvisSuperStar 6 years ago
    Why do these textures?
    • 918624865 3 years ago
      apparently - I quote: "big picture sea pebbles for exteriors" ahah
  • Katy11 6 years ago
    useless thing ... the edges are not the same, there is blurring ... alas ....
    • Generasim 3 years ago
      Well, maybe for 2007 it was more relevant than ever
  • Sanyok3D 5 years ago
    Damn, thought this visa.
  • wisnuronaldo 5 years ago
    pour sharing
  • Piedro111 5 years ago
    do NOT download! it is only texture (JPEG file)
    • Pablo Picasso 4 years ago
      that you would like to see in the "texture"?
      • 918624865 3 years ago
        de Well .. it's like to go to shooting porn to find a wife there ..
  • gheneo 5 years ago
    don't download it is not useful
  • rahul ravi 3 years ago
    Deleted comment
  • patilabhi 3 years ago
  • Gipya 8 months ago
    This is actually really stupid, I thought it was a set of textures to get a material looking like in the image, instead you can only download straight that image! You should one of those really special "childs".
  • Gordivskaya 3 months ago
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model details

Platform: 3dsMax 2009 и ниже
Render: Vray
Size: 443 KB
Date: 2007.03.23 10:13
Style: Ethnic
Material: Stone

big picture marine pebbles for exteriors