• Heitson_tron year ago
  • BETEPOK year ago
    I think if Vrey would have spurred a missile defense.
    • firecrest year ago
      Deleted comment
      • BETEPOK year ago
        Deleted comment
        • Action-sen year ago
          Well, we have not seen the grid yet ..
          • firecrest year ago
            what do you mean? Are you curious about the polygon structure?
        • Yes, it's a shame when some people load up some stubborn cats and dogs and give them their status, and really cool models belittle it.
          • Jacot year ago
            Well, it seems for the PRO grid - a prerequisite ..
            • the moderator opens the model and sees the grid as I believe and evaluates it
            • Action-sen year ago
              Well, apparently appreciated so .. I can not judge, the preview of the grid is not there.
            • firecrest year ago
              You're welcome:https://ibb.co/c27rkQV 
            • Well, sparrows have a great grid, all questions to those who can not be criticized, and then banned))) the only thing I noticed on the paws of the main number of polygons, can the paws somehow ease?
            • firecrest year ago
              yes true, I collapsed them with too much detail. I am planning many birds in the future, I'll use less polys
            • 3d Vlad year ago
              The grid is dense, stick to a uniform topology, it will be the norm, for such models it is necessary, because the grid in such models must also be suitable for rig.
            • firecrest year ago
              I am sorry, these models are not thought to be rigged. They are designed to be used out of the box.
      • Predator84 year ago
        • firecrest year ago
          then for the next models I'll try to prepare the Vray versions too!
  • dilya_1 year ago
  • Elena_71 year ago
    That's awesome ..... like living !!!! Super!!!
  • lion186 year ago
    Looks great!
  • mamtarathore year ago
    beautiful creation . great job.
  • MHD3DART year ago
    Really nice.
    Really nice.
  • Olia.OK.Korp year ago
    Awesome !!! =))
  • Odilme year ago
  • DesignDi 9 months ago
    The birds are good! But why is the scene not rendered when they are in the scene?
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House Sparrow / 2pro


model details

Platform: 3dsMax 2016 + fbx
Render: Corona
Size: 28 MB
Date: 2019.06.29 13:13
Formfactor: Bioform
Style: Classic
Material: Organics

These birds are often found in the middle of the continent of the North and the Central Asia.

The model comes in 5 perched poses and two plumages (male and female / young). About 70k polys for each bird Feathers use opacity map. No fur used. Lenght of the bird: about 16cm