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Ash-tree / Fraxinus # 2pro


model details

Platform: 3dsMax 2015 + fbx
Render: Corona
Size: 142 MB
Date: 2020.01.17 16:07
Style: Classic
Material: Organics

Deciduous tree Ash 16.4 meters high. A trunk with branches and foliage are separate objects. If necessary, you can remove the leaves partially (randomly select subobjects in the ribbon panel) or completely (for a bare tree as in the preview), or draw VertexColorMap. In the scene there are four cubes with different materials for the ash tree according to the seasons: - summer; - autumn; - summer autumn; - late autumn. For the last two, draw vertex maps on channels 2 and 3, respectively. To do this, apply the VertexPaint modifier to the foliage, fill the model with black and a white brush about 2000 mm in size, draw areas where there will be green (for the summer-autumn option) or red (for the late autumn option) leaves. Added screenshots to the archive. Then through CoronaLayeredMtl mix the desired types of foliage using the vertex map as a mask. Thanks to CoronaMultiMap, CoronaColorCorrect, and vertex maps, you can customize foliage shades to your liking. Done in GrowFX2. Polys (Editable Mesh) - 3 165 531