• 3dindia year ago
  • TashaSiv year ago
    The link is white ... Can it be black?
  • Cheraz year ago
    So there are comrades who are "stomping a foot" No, I want it white! How to repaint it is not known .. From courses in 3d it is obvious .. And to the author I will say on my own, forging on the head is a little not aesthetically pleasing, oval, breakup, arbitrary. Try to fit similar elements in a circle. And then bend, twist ..
    • 3Dmitruk year ago
      Oops ... I missed the moment. Thanks for the advice!
      • Cheraz year ago
        Yes, not at all)) I redid this forging in due time. 10 tons)) And forged oak leaves and birds and cones .. Before the "nausea")) But I still did not like forging .. As I imagine that at night in a dream a hand accidentally fall between these monograms .. Everything !! And if he crawled from a corporate party)) Fell and got stuck with his whole face there)) It will be necessary to call the Ministry of Emergencies no longer .. In general, forging for tidy people ..
    • TashaSiv year ago
      repaint a lot of what is possible, and a car, for example ... is it only advisable? Just misled by the author, she went to the site, thinking that maybe there are blacks in Europe
      • 3Dmitruk year ago
        I really hope that this did not take you too much time. As for the material in the model, it changes in 2-3 seconds. I wanted to make it black.
    • TashaSiv year ago
      I meant the real product, and not the color change modelka max. Black can not be bought in ikey.
  • Alena_A 10 months ago
    Thank !!!
  • Abdulloh_3D 5 months ago
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Ikea leirvik bedpro


model details

Platform: 3dsMax 2011 + obj
Render: Vray
Size: 30 MB
Date: 2019.09.01 21:35
Formfactor: Rectangle
Style: Classic
Material: Metal Fabric

Ikea leirvik

Bed Ikea Lairvik


Dimensions: 2050 x 1750 x 1470 mm;

- Polygons: 416,964 - Vertices: 423.009