• SimpleUser 2 years ago
    Thank you.
  • Lyskanych Ivan 2 years ago
    Thank you
  • usov.80 2 years ago
    young man!
    just a big thank you for what you do!
  • artsandsver year ago
    this is the divine thing
  • walkman_23 4 months ago
    Actually, the script allocates instances faster.

    Used before this Soulburn, then the max during the allocation hung for a while if there are a lot of instances and they are still in groups.

    Only here is probably a strange bug - for example, there are 10 vrayIES.Target (just when Target is turned on) and 7 let us isolate and select instances, then it will select all 10 instances.
    • -NiK- 4 months ago
      Yes, there is one. This is rather a 3dmax bug. the ishidden property for targets (lights and cameras) behaves incorrectly. I'll think about how to fix it.
    • -NiK- 4 months ago
      Corrected, it may become a little slower if the targets are selected, but it seems the autodesk did not leave other paths. You can download it on my site, here you can’t update the archive yet.https://hqdetails.com/shop/instance-fast-selection 
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Instance Fast Selectionfree


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Platform: Script
Size: 145 KB
Date: 2018.01.19 16:59
Style: Modern

Script for quick selection of all visible instances of all selected objects.

Select Instances in max works only with one selected object.

Select similar allocates not instances, and "similar" objects, that is can allocate superfluous.

The script works much faster than the analog of Soulburn.

Video demonstration and comparison with the built-in functions of 3dsMax: https://youtu.be/f3LN1b0dh9Q