Intueri light SY-12 chandelie

                                    Intueri light SY-12 chandelie
  • 3dsMax 2014 + fbx (Vray)
  • 4.24 MB
  • 2017.10.10 21:50
  • Modern
  • disc, pendant, balloon, loft, gold, sy-12, intueri light
  • Intueri light SY-12 chandelie

    Intueri Ligh was created in 2012 by Krisztian Mecs and Jozsef Hegedus with help from the best local artisans. Our goal with Intueri is to create high quality, original lamps using production methods of traditional manufacture. We think that the journey that leads to the finished product is important in its own right. Our goal is for our clients to look at our lamps as a personal item. For this reason, we put great emphasis on customized requests.


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