Iron Maiden

                                    Iron Maiden
  • 3dsMax 2015 + fbx (Vray)
  • 114.76 MB
  • 2019.11.13 00:49
  • Ethnic
  • iron maden, iron maiden, torture, middle ages, medieval
  • Iron maiden

    Our motto: "Come in - do not be afraid, come out - do not cry." Medieval instrument of torture (in fact a fake of the 18th century).

    2 options: Open / Closed

    Total: 291924 polygons 293,116 peaks

    iron_maiden_closed_gr: 145898 polygons 146494 peaks

    iron_maiden_opened_gr: 146026 polygons 146,622 peaks

    In the archive: textures, materials (.mat), FBX, OBJ, previews, scenes for 3D Max 2018 and 2015.

    In the scene: groups of objects. Wood material (... wooden_parts) uses a VrayDisplacementMod.

    Modeling - Blender.

    PS The face of the "virgin" was modeled with my ex, which in the context of the purpose of the device should be ironic.

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lance_lot - the portfolio has additional views of the model (EEVEE render).