• videocat 2 years ago
    Is it necessary to be a Tatar so that the script works?
    • StunBreaker 2 years ago
      Did not quite understand the question, the use of the script is very simple - see the training video in the description.
    • rapid_jet 2 years ago
      bet, if you are Kazakh) azazine?)
  • Sto 2 years ago
    I took pampered! :)
  • lampaalladina 2 years ago
  • getimage 2 years ago
    Deleted comment
    • StunBreaker 2 years ago
      fill in the screenshots as well as what you do on the file-exchanger - and write the link in PM. Let's see why.
      ps and the version of Max?
  • isv 2 years ago
    Isn't it compatible with 3DS Max Design 2015? I Get an error in execution.
    • StunBreaker 2 years ago
      should be compatible, lay out the screen with an error or quote it better in a personal message, you can also try to run the script anew (without restarting the 3d max)
  • odyzmil 2 years ago
    not compatible with max 2017..need my pro model back please
    • StunBreaker 2 years ago
      write what error it gives, it should work as a whole ..
      try restarting the script (without restarting the 3d max)
  • wosser2 2 years ago
    Tell a plant the leaves of it necessarily as in the picture presented? Should it be?
    • StunBreaker 2 years ago
      not quite understood the question .. there can be any geometry that you want to multiply. )
  • ismail6426 year ago
    How and where to install it?
    • StunBreaker year ago
      In the description it is written ... I quote:
      "Installation is simple, drag and drop the ivy-install.mcr file into the viewport.

      Next, the script will appear in your Customize User InterFace / Category: 3ddd section. "
  • lanadze01 year ago
    Good day, how are you? How to install this crypt?
    • StunBreaker year ago
      Good day. You can simply run through the Scripting tab (next to Customize) / RunScript and select the * .mse file

      Or drag the ivy-install.mcr file to the viewport.
      Then go to the Customize / Customize User InterFace tab, there you will select Toolbars / Group - MainUI / Category - 3ddd scripts in it will be "Ivy and Creepers", just drag it to your script panel ..
  • Maurus 11 months ago
    Hello! Cool plugin, downloaded launched produces an error, use 2019 max "
    --Runtime error: Not creatable: Normalize_Spl "
    • StunBreaker 11 months ago
      Good time ! strange error, try to just run the script again, maybe on the first run, not all functions managed to load .. it happens but extremely rarely.
  • lozkodesign 8 months ago
    Good afternoon, I click Get Spline and the same error is "Runtime error: Not creatable: Normalize_Spl"
  • milkykot 8 months ago
    in 2019 does not work
    • StunBreaker 8 months ago
      try just closing and running the script again, without restarting 3d max.
  • works for 2018 max?
  • I downloaded it, click Get Spline and the same error "Runtime error: Not creatable: Normalize_Spl"
  • COBE.Jens 5 months ago
    will this work for max 2020?
    • StunBreaker 5 months ago
      unfortunately not, the error has been fixed - but there is no way to add a new one to an existing one without removing it from the database.
  • COBE.Jens 5 months ago
    sorry what do you mean here? That you got it to work with max 2020 but you can't upload it for us to buy without removing this version?
    • StunBreaker 5 months ago
      Good time!
      Yes, exactly like that, they used to write to me in a personal confirmation of purchase - and I manually sent a script to everyone by mail .. but this is too voluminous work, the thing is that they write similar scripts to me ..

      But there is good news - the opportunity to edit should appear soon, everyone is waiting for this moment .. then I can just replace my existing old archive with a new one, including the new version for 2020.
  • COBE_slku 5 months ago
    Добрый день, подскажите пожалуйста, можно ли отдельно приобрести ваш плагин для 2020 макса? Спасибо!
    • igorstrelchenko13 5 months ago
      It is interesting to me too
    • StunBreaker 5 months ago
      Good time!
      Recently, many people have been asking for 2020, I was thinking of waiting for functionality from 3Ddd (where you can already edit / supplement existing archives of models or scripts) ..

      In principle, I'm ready to just delete this work - replacing it with a new script (including the version for 2018+). It takes a little time - I think this can really be done on the weekend. )
  • super.green-home 4 months ago
    And when you can upgrade to 2019
  • MAXICS week ago
    Need a script for 2020. When will it be possible to reload?
  • tagor week ago
    It doesn't work with 2016 version either. What should I do?
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Ivy & Creepers v1.0pro


model details

Platform: Script
Size: 10 KB
Date: 2017.10.04 20:40
Style: Modern
Material: Organics

Ivy and Creepers - script for 3d max will help you quickly and easily create plants of some types. But if you have a good imagination you will find different applications for yourself! )

The installation is simple, drag the ivy-install.mcr file into the viewport.

Next, the script will appear in your Customize User InterFace / Category: 3ddd section.

I recommend that you look at the BLOG for the script, it also includes a video lesson on how the script works.

Blog: https://3dsky.org/blog/post/ivy_and_creepers_skript 

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bR-OUtIni2g 

Write for the wishes or if you find any bugs. )