Joseph Bunny Set

                                    Joseph Bunny Set
  • 3dsMax 2014 + obj (Vray+Corona)
  • 44.56 MB
  • 2019.05.27 11:18
  • Modern
  • hare, rabbit, a toy, mat, basket, pillow, plaid, sticker, star, felt, velveteen, knitted
  • The diameter of the mat 100cm That's mine star stickers (

    Polys: 81,631 Verts: 82 759

    The archive scene 3ds max 2014 and file obj. On the rabbit and all fabrics Turbosmooth.

    Materials for Corona and Vray. If your version of V-Ray is lower than 3.1, note: in the materials in the BRDF section, there is a Microfaset GTR (GGX). In older versions of Vray, the BRDF field will be blank. Select Blinn, Phong or Ward.

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ABOUT! How lovely!!!!