Kai Fringed Handwoven Jute Rug RH

                                    Kai Fringed Handwoven Jute Rug RH
  • 3dsMax 2013 + obj (Vray)
  • 13.77 MB
  • 2019.10.01 13:14
  • Ethnic
  • restoration hardware, rh, carpet, beige, gray, sand, palace, pile, mat, track, wool, reloft
  • Restoration Hardware Rug

    Kai's linear weave puts the focus on jute's organic, wabi-sabi beauty. Each strand handwoven strand imparts its own alchemy of golden shading and slubbed textures, resulting in the rug's one-of-a-kind patina.

    Crafted from the enduring fibers of the tropical jute plant, our handcrafted rug reflects the beautiful imperfections imbued by nature and interpreted by the artisan's hand. Each rug is uniquely one of a kind, its weave displaying jute's rich texture, the spin of the yarns and the rugmaker's artful technique.

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