• VladimirG 5 years ago
    Thank you for your model!
  • Zom6ie 5 years ago
    Well, gentlemen, Uhnem couple of songs)))
  • subberjean 5 years ago
    A folder with textures weighs 42 mb
  • Renovaco 5 years ago
    Elegant "description"! and of course the model
  • gingerelena 5 years ago
    I wonder how! And beautiful!
  • Nataniella 5 years ago
    Very realistic and beautiful !!!
  • Nataniella 5 years ago
    A description of what ??? not a description, and a poem!
  • world.design 5 years ago
    A beautiful description!) Indeed, listening to these tools, you can be bewitched)
  • jazeebeedz 5 years ago
    Bazaar Joc! Rakhmet bro)
  • qasanoff 5 years ago
    very nice - but I'd like an old Kobza - Dede Korkut who have been (Malenkov) so that model the self - your model interesting - krasava!
    • subberjean 5 years ago
      Thank you! Yes I think to do and His kobyz
  • tejashree 5 years ago
  • nikoptis 5 years ago
  • itoxtil 5 years ago
    like it.thank you
  • Terra2200 5 years ago
    I liked very much. Thank you!
  • shamsudheen 5 years ago
    well done
  • nibl 5 years ago
    ff Freestyle! zdorovskie)
    • subberjean 5 years ago
      xD it's not the kind of music that should be played on the lute)
        • subberjean 5 years ago
          These are the fools and "praise" my country, like Borat
          • nibl 5 years ago
            I not visited you, but very hochetsya.a Fools always enough)
            • subberjean 5 years ago
              Why, there's nothing special I think) As with all CIS countries, all have something in common) And Welcome Welcome)
            • nibl 5 years ago
              nature, steppe call me after the book especially Zaire
            • subberjean 5 years ago
              xD Believe me, life is not so) normally described in the books)
            • nibl 5 years ago
              Well, why are you doing this to me?)))
            • subberjean 5 years ago
              No well steppe have extensive yes) But there is a really magical place in Almaty for the Big Almaty Lake in Ust-Kamenogorsk, where so many) Yet, there is nothing to do, since nothing is not developed, especially for visitors
            • lunafor 5 years ago
              It's you, comrade, something spoiled .. some Turkish banks or Africa) I love everything here!
            • subberjean 5 years ago
              Just did not) is not spoiled. Sometimes want a change)
            • lunafor 5 years ago
              Then why in vain to dissuade a guest? These people from Europe come to see our amazing and unique in their own nature and culture. Here are a few places: Borovoe, Bektau Ata Karakalinskie Mountains and Kent Kolsay and Kaindy - Crystal Lake Issyk Gorge and Lake, BAO you mentioned, as well as in the western part - the Ustyurt plateau, tract Boszhira peninsula Mangistau - unique places , but a lot of places, if you look carefully. And, yes, the steppe .. So I love them for some reason. And sometimes it is impossible to explain - the emptiness to the horizon. From horizon to horizon - nothing. Well, that particular service is no good or if -That expensive, yes. This is understandable - if the flow of tourists was more - the price could be lower, the competition would be a higher quality of services, respectively, too. But not all the tourists need a service - there are those who seek out special places in the world have not yet mastered the tourists. But our people are very welcoming and friendly, welcoming. Well, about diversity - also true - sometimes you want. and diversity. Well, it's easy!
            • subberjean 5 years ago
              I is not easy (overly friendly ...
            • lunafor 5 years ago
              Well ... Believe in yourself - get you some work - a very worthy! All will be! It is only necessary to formulate a specific goal, and boldly go for it - then all things will help. I wish you all to come to pass - and including a trip to the very country that we dream about.
            • subberjean 5 years ago
              Thank you very much for your kind) God forbid! Mutually)
            • lunafor 5 years ago
              But the model many thanks! Sorry, just to earlier - is very needed for the musical instruments museum, I had to choose from the fact that it was on the site at the time)
            • subberjean 5 years ago
              And then like anything and there is none like (once the most needed, and then found an excuse to do Zucker one wanted to do it and kobyz Dombyra. Now, I understand that you need to do more things ethnic)
            • lunafor 5 years ago
              Yes, there is a need on a regular basis - for the restaurant in ethnic style had once kobyz - I remember him then just put pictures with Photoshop, but it is much better when there is a 3d model - and fits better and seen from different angles. Well, to be honest, I prefer the sound of kobyz than dombra .. However, they are so different that compare even as it is not appropriate)
            • subberjean 5 years ago
              Actually yes) They do not compare) Dombyra beautiful) Prost probably did not listen to a really beautiful sound) is often not in the right hands, and comes cheap dombyra
            • lunafor 5 years ago
              there was some dombra, it is currently not - apparently removed by the author
            • lunafor 5 years ago
              Now, the only one other than yourhttp://3ddd.ru/3dmodels/show/dombyra 
            • subberjean 5 years ago
              Yes, this saw but little modified that it seem
            • subberjean 5 years ago
              Oh, that Paulo Coelho)
            • nibl 5 years ago
              oh he) still interesting) ever get around to you, and torn
            • subberjean 5 years ago
              Well, I have to you) has long been want to) especially to visit the Tretyakov Gallery and the Hermitage, the number 1 on the list)
            • nibl 5 years ago
              you're welcome!))
            • remuhin 5 years ago
              I worked for six months in Almaty, I really enjoyed it. In fact, of course a lot in common with other cities of the CIS. But the view of the mountains right out the window - it's just wonderful.
            • subberjean 5 years ago
              Yes, these mountains - face Almaty) But many Almaty residents themselves in many places were not. Life.
  • eroshik75 5 years ago
    Thank you so much!!!
  • naumov-interior 5 years ago
    ! great job
  • Mankovcki 5 years ago
    Dude, you're a genius !!)
  • buka3d 4 years ago
  • verusia777 3 years ago
    Thanks you!
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Kazakh National Musical Instrumentspro


model details

Platform: 3dsMax 2012 + obj
Render: Vray
Size: 46 MB
Date: 2016.05.12 20:42
Formfactor: Oval
Style: Ethnic
Material: Wood

2 main Kazakh national musical instruments - Dombyra, Kobyz. As the saying goes: "Nagyz Kazakh - Kazakh Emesa, Nagyz Kazakh - dombyra", that is not present Kazakh Kazakh - and dombyra (dombra). Gulf steppe music in a pair, these two musical instruments sound very rich and give a touch of sound warm breeze developing across the steppe, comes to every inhabitant of the steppes of the heart. Basically, these 2 instruments executed lyrical melodies, often sad and tragic. No wonder they say that this i