• Gizart 2 years ago
    Wow wow, easier) Steep table!
  • Giorgio Andriani 2 years ago
    This is someone who has beaten so beautifully that scoring and scoring :)
    Ps. A classy table turned out +5
  • c3dm 2 years ago
    Cool ... the grid is not visible (
  • AntonDP 2 years ago
    Everything, went to smoke to the side .....
    • c3dm 2 years ago
      That is right for you. At you too the competitor not weak ...
  • SuracEldar 2 years ago
  • vla999 2 years ago
    good job
  • samserius 2 years ago
    kachu balls Prr! Taking off my hat.

    Two teas for Mr. RDdesign
  • c3dm 2 years ago
    Deleted comment
  • Taz-Mania 2 years ago
    But the winner was given a lift)
    • Flyboy 2 years ago
      Do not form public opinion) A lot of other cool jobs
  • antht 2 years ago
    Is the table real or your imagination?
  • RadionovAS1 2 years ago
    Very cool! But I do not understand what kind of balls? For Russian, the numbers are too large. Certainly not snooker. Well, not Pulovski, either.
  • ck_petya 2 years ago
    The color of the cloth does not like, the table itself is beautiful!
    • samserius 2 years ago
      The color of the cloth is not important, this is the endgame of the contest
  • Exception_ua 2 years ago
    The whole emphasis is on the details of the table and it turned out very cool, but it is immediately evident that the man did not play billiards. The cues are not worked out, the pockets are not right, there's simply no rubber bands around the perimeter of the table.
  • Gela 2 years ago
    Lions are gorgeous!
  • feruzabonush 2 years ago
    SUPER 5+
  • DaNPride 2 years ago
  • kolamba 2 years ago
    The preview is delicious, in the archive max2013 student version, the other above 2015.
  • Jylvern 2 years ago
  • horhesoloma 2 years ago
  • honduras 2 years ago
    As for me, it is rather an empire, not baroque - however, no difference - still great
  • guru-3ds 2 years ago
  • Зоя Пельц 2 years ago
    Typically, there are patterns, so it's Baroque. Logic is science.
  • Muhriddin-XON 2 years ago
  • Toucan Studio 2 years ago
    Pts table is beautiful! A sight for sight.
  • c3dm 2 years ago
    Empire, Baroque ... the main tail!
  • Cryptos 2 years ago
  • DaNPride 2 years ago
  • vanich0808 2 years ago
  • tony_black 2 years ago
    I do not know how much this table will cost
  • goluboglazay@list.ru 2 years ago
  • Kudryashov 2 years ago
    The cloth and balls spoiled the look of the table.
  • rky3008 2 years ago
    Very nice, Good work!
  • Jylvern 2 years ago
  • doubleagent2005 2 years ago
    I was sure that this table will win! Congratulations! It turned out very cool
  • konstantinrender 2 years ago
    Wow, that's a serious approach! Very cool work! :)
  • dontpiter 2 years ago
    Carving - twist! The table itself (cloth, pockets, balls) is bad
  • 555vovk 2 years ago
    Hardcore eclipsed everyone)
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Classic Billiardspro


model details

Platform: 3dsMax 2015 + obj
Render: Vray
Size: 91 MB
Date: 2017.09.16 19:15
Formfactor: Rectangle
Style: Classic
Material: Wood Fabric

Classical baroque baroque style. In the archive there are files 3ds max 2016 and 2013, and for older versions there is a file burned. The files are saved without anti-aliasing. Textures in a separate folder.