• AndrySib 8 years ago
    Opens only the texture itself must set obj.
    maksovskij does not open, probyval in 2011
  • 0x001 8 years ago
    Thanks for the book in 2012 will open everything is fine. A big thank you for what you have no modifiers stack, because for me the book in 127 thousand polygons is too, I usually weigh less than curtains. If you disable sabdivajd and both me?smusa gets better. )
  • sermen 8 years ago
    Learn how to properly save files if doing in 2012 Max pancake
  • <=†Montie†=> 8 years ago
    ug, the workbook is not displayed, only the crust, the scale of the animation does not plough
  • ОЮґЗ 8 years ago

    thank you very much i like it  beautiful

  • КОЛЯ КОНЬ 8 years ago
    Marj the broken (max 2014). obj file without textures. helps shlopnut modifier stack (and remove mesh smooth for one), and then import it into the scene. there is tightening on the texture covers, but they are not visible.
  • Ayumikeru96 6 years ago
    Thank you, it works well =)
  • Arut 6 years ago
    Maksovsky file opened, but with the wrong geometry, MAX 2016
  • ileen 6 years ago
    Why such poligonazh as such a model to work
  • Dziubas2 5 years ago
    looks strange in max 2015. book is a little bit opened
  • EPXLSD 5 years ago
    Good afternoon everyone! I'm glad that the book was useful;)
  • Кроль 4 years ago
    Crookedly opens in the 14th max.
  • LeShane 4 years ago
    Thank you magnanimously!)
    In 16, all the norms are opened, but the modelka is too cumbersome)))
    ... and all the same Thank you)))!
  • katya_ba 2 years ago
    the file is okay. In the 14th version it opens without problems. The model will not hurt to optimize, but in general, everything is very good. thank you!
  • microck 8 years ago

    does not open

  • e15r 8 years ago
    all normally opens!
  • Mister555 8 years ago
    does not open

  • leralera 8 years ago
    Thank you!
  • nangmoigiolahg 8 years ago
    thank you
  • antok 7 years ago
    thank you ...
  • wonderdanik 6 years ago
    this handy book
  • Coockie 6 years ago
    Thank you
  • jukaie 6 years ago
  • Anneddddd 5 years ago
    good, thank you
  • thoi 4 years ago
    very nice, thank you!!
  • fresaelena5 4 years ago
    Thank you
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