Black Bimmer

koenigsegg ccr

                                    koenigsegg ccr
  • 3dsMax 2014 + fbx (Corona)
  • 46.22 MB
  • 2019.08.19 09:25
  • Modern
  • koenigsegg, car, auto, transport, automobile
  • This car model can be a very suitable and luxury option for renders of professional designers. One of the important options for this model is the light volume with the number of optimized vertexes and polygons (poly 515,030 & ver 433,826) while having the correct topology. You can use this car in conjunction with other models of the BlackBimmer Studio car products to easily and with minimal volume in your projects and to beautifully add to your artistic work. This model is modeled in Blue, along with the modeling of all internal components. The projectors provided by the project can view different views of the exterior.


    Turbosmooth Iters = 1 Render Iters = 3

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