• Nik3D_design18 2 years ago
    Just incredible productivity ... and a sharp pitch! The ability to submit the same information, but under different sauces it is necessary talaaaant)
  • tonik2002 2 years ago
    Here the team works, obviously. At least 3-5 people.
    • deckorator 2 years ago
      1 person. 14 hours a day.
      • tonik2002 2 years ago
        No comments.
        • MountainTrooper 2 years ago
          It's interesting here. The rules of the site seem to indicate that the model should only be its authorship. And this "decorator" is not only not banned, but also lives, is well and successfully deduces money. And, judging by the huge number of comments in English and the broken Russian translated language, it is concluded that they buy mostly from 3dsky, and the stock account is shipped somewhere on foreign sites.
      • Nik3D_design18 2 years ago
        Can not 14? But all 24 hours)))))
        • deckorator 2 years ago
          If you take the time to render, then yes. All 24 hours.
        • MountainTrooper 2 years ago
          Yes, the team is cutting, and you do not have to be a van. First, look at the dates of models - every day they fall out three, four, or even more pieces. Physically, this is simply impossible to plan in one hand.
          And secondly, remember where the deckorator started from - they were bespontovye 3d-scans from artkama and cylinders with pictures instead of textures. And then a "sharp" leap - and immediately as from the Kalashnikov rifle the plants were stolen, one after another. It's impossible to explain such growth in the skill except as the fact that several pros were hired from the side.
          • deckorator 2 years ago
            Everything is possible. There would be a desire to work and of course the computers, 1 for modeling and 2 for rendering.
  • VladimirG 2 years ago
    Thanks for the model!
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A collection of plants in pots.pro


model details

Platform: 3dsMax 2011 + fbx
Render: Vray
Size: 49 MB
Date: 2017.06.25 13:34
Style: Modern
Material: Stone Organics

A collection of plants in pots. Cycas ficus lyrata brahea edulis Sansevieria cylindrica