The combination of Ikea (Platsa) (designer).

                                    The combination of Ikea (Platsa) (designer).
  • 3dsMax 2010 + fbx (Vray+Corona)
  • 98.89 MB
  • 2018.05.17 09:25
  • Modern
  • ikea, wardrobe, storage, modular system, clothes, linen, shirt, skirt, blouse, shoulders
  • In the archive, the scene (the anti-aliasing modifier is not collapsed), fbx (without anti-aliasing) + texture.

    Wardrobe of Ophoes / Platsa Ikea.

    In the scene:

    Wardrobe in the assembly, article number: 992.483.04 (ru).

    + handles, legs, rod for Lattchet / Latthet skeleton,

    + drawers, shelves, clothes bar, Helpa / Hjalpa,

    + table lamp Fado Ikea - 403.563.24 (ru).

    + accessories.

    Frameworks for the wardrobe + doors + accessories for filling, clothes on the shoulders and a cabinet in the assembly - in different layers.

    Objects are named according to the articles (en).

    Names in the Latin alphabet.

    The paths to the textures are cut off.

    Opening all doors is animated.

    Dimensions: 275-300x57x231 cm

    pol./vert. (without TurboSmooth): 2 917 817/1 826 654

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