• AndryAzan 4 years ago
    Thank you
  • NuriyaM 4 years ago
    lepestkov netu, cto za model?
  • primus11 4 years ago
    And where the petals, then? )))
  • lokotko 4 years ago
    Multiscatter need ???
  • miomarus 4 years ago
    Good day! Tell me, please, what you need to apply the modifier to appear leaves? And just a couple of leaves and a few bare branches ... What to do?
    • kaktus_flower 4 years ago
      For 3ds max 2010 + multiscatter 1.1.09d; 3ds max 2014 + multiscatter v1.2.0.12. I'm just learning, so get out shoals :)
  • GSX-R 4 years ago
    Thank you!
  • Irina_Kotec 3 years ago
    Thank you!
  • kapitan_starodub 3 years ago
    without skatera absolutely useless. Do not do that)
  • komodenu 3 years ago
  • antok 3 years ago
    Thank you ...
  • doctorsten 3 years ago
    Useless model only wasted slot ...
  • ramses01 3 years ago
    there are no leafs on the plant.. unusefull..
  • grace5780 3 years ago
    i'm facing problem in each time i'm downloading this file ... can't open it in 3d max
  • vovboom 3 years ago
    Dyakuyu !!!
  • raizerv39 3 years ago
  • DLN_ya 3 years ago
    Thank you!
  • alnudo 3 years ago
    Thank you.!
  • chingu saneesh 3 years ago
    THANK YOU.......
  • Blackout.custom 3 years ago
  • basanda 2 years ago
  • igor nina 2 years ago
    thank you
  • jadee 2 years ago
    thank you.
  • Mayami93 2 years ago
    Bad model!
  • shessa57 2 years ago
  • _vlad 2 years ago
    Why lay this shit? Learn - learn! Spread out when you learn!
    • kaktus_flower 2 years ago
      In the courtyard mid-2017 - your comment is not relevant
  • sepanta haghighi 2 years ago
    Useless, DO NOT DOWNLOAD IT!!! :s
  • nafnufis 2 years ago
    thank you
  • kolea 2 years ago
  • nhanquagem7 year ago
    thank you
  • naushad111 year ago
    thnk u
  • AlexNY year ago
    Не се ок! пара веток в мэше, остальное дамми.

    Начало хорошо! Да вот не допилила. Просто конвертнуть бы в едитполи и было бы гуд.
  • technologic4 year ago
    you should do leaves as geometry, someone may not have multiscatter pluggin instaled
  • axiomadesign year ago
    Thank you!
  • rim94 year ago
    So sometimes I regret that I don’t look at the comments before downloading: (I downloaded, and there it’s ... I’ve spent 1 download in vain, I don’t have time now. not semi-finished products.
  • anarchviz year ago
  • MarkizaAD 11 months ago
    Deleted comment
  • Franklu 10 months ago
  • Irena1985 10 months ago
    there is a pot, there are branches, there is no flower
  • mazurmari888 2 months ago
  • YanaViva month ago
    What is a multiscatter? who is he?
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Indoor climbing plant Hederafree


model details

Platform: 3dsMax 2014 + fbx
Render: Vray
Size: 45 MB
Date: 2015.10.26 19:11
Style: Ethnic
Material: Stone Organics

The model is made using the plugin Multiscatter. Version: 3ds max 2010 + vray + multiscatter 1.1.09d; 3ds max 2014 + vray + multiscatter v1.2.0.12; 3ds max 2014 + corona + multiscatter v1.2.0.12; fbx.