Boiler room

                                    Boiler room
  • 3dsMax 2013 + fbx (Vray)
  • 56.75 MB
  • 2019.11.14 21:43
  • Modern
  • boiler room, building, pipes
  • Boiler room.

    Units: meters

    Overall dimensions of the model, without pipes:

    Length: 56 m Width: 20.5 m Height: 11.5 m

    Pipe Height: 50m

    Pipes and door handles are made under turbosmooth with subdivision level 2, other objects without turbosmooth. Screws and pad with low poly holes with normal map.

    number of polygons without turbosmooth:

    Polys: 349473 Tris: 639137 Verts: 337532

    The model is divided into 16 objects with one multimaterial, with textures.

    The archive contains 3dsmax 2013, FBX, OBJ, texture files.

    Render: Vray.

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