Armchair MINI AVIATOR
  • 3dsMax 2013 + fbx (Vray+Corona)
  • 90.74 MB
  • 2019.02.10 21:18
  • Ethnic
  • aviator, grunge, steampunk, futurism, industrial, futuristic, vintage, brown, leather, aluminum, eloft, restoration hardware
  • Name: MINI AVIATOR Armchair  reloft Restoration hardware RH grunge grunge steampunk futurism industrial futuristic futuristic vintage vintage brown brown leather leather aluminum aluminum aluminum

    metal metal metal stainless steel steel steel stainless steel stainless steel seams riveting riveted riveted air plane round round streamlined rounded children’s office living room reception for children’s office living room reception office office office wing fighter Spitfire Spitfire Brand: Restoration Hardware (USA) Collection: AVIATOR Article: 103333 DRLE Version: 2013 Preview: Yes Units: Millimeters Dimension: 1254.44 x 1240.95 x 710.14 Polys: 360 322 XForm: No Box Trick: Yes Model Parts: 4 Render: V-Ray Formats: 3Ds Max 2013, OBJ, FBX, 3DS ATTENTION! Who works in the V-Ray version lower than 3.1, be careful, in some materials in the BRDF section there is a Microfaset GTR (GGX), if your version is older than 3.1, then BRDF field will be blank. Choose Blinn, Phong or Ward - which is preferable to you.

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