• sevostyanov 5 years ago
    but about not given because the easy-to-performance model or unpresentable preview?
    • Arthas_Sapphire 5 years ago
      preview is good, do not give because they did not want.
    • Turnado 5 years ago
      Rather missile did not give for a simple reason - "noname" untitled bag sizes and etc. .. The benefits of such an unknown to anyone furniture questionable. But the model certainly made beautiful by fellow.
      • JIN 5 years ago
        In China, the names are not necessary. ))
    • Sto 5 years ago
      model is not about because because now modernizing model does not solve the problem, they solve the problem of supply and firm, otherwise all such models will be Freya because modders a decree, it is something like a ban for not yirmovuyu !!!
      • stassnetcov 3 years ago
        a fad on the model's demand, does it matter ... under the boooooooo question!))))
  • VladimirG 5 years ago
    Thank you for your model!
  • Sto 5 years ago
    The model is very simple qualitative modernizing Troll people so it is impossible !!!
  • DMI_michail 5 years ago
    Great job! Thank you
  • Arthas_Sapphire 5 years ago
    very beautiful!
  • DIAR26 5 years ago
    Thank you! excellent model
  • ameen.hia 4 years ago
    Great job! Thank you
  • stassnetcov 3 years ago
    Excellent! it's about!
  • pro-expert year ago
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Bag chairfree

model details

Platform: 3dsMax 2014 + obj
Render: Vray
Size: 17 MB
Formfactor: Circle
Style: Modern
Material: Fabric

Bag chair


bag chair