Bed Manifesto Valigia Yellow 01 YOU

                                    Bed Manifesto Valigia Yellow 01 YOU
  • 3dsMax 2011 + obj (Corona)
  • 51.90 MB
  • 2019.05.20 13:01
  • Classic
  • manifesto, valigia, bed, sofa bed, sofa, children's bed, velours, velvet, velveteen, quilted fabric, yellow, brown, beige, suitcase, pens, giraffe, animal, the print, giraffe skin, giraffe print
  • Bed Manifesto Valigia Yellow 01 YOU

    The total number of polygons - 292 053 Total number of vertices - 264,141

    Overall dimensions 960х2000х650

    Link to the real model in another color https://www.manifesto.ru/valigia-zakaz 

    This model can be used as a sofa.

    This file contains a bed, complemented by square pillows and mutaks with flat ends. Later, a model with folds at the ends, as well as models in other colors and configurations, will be loaded.

    Pillows and mutaki skolapsheny in one object, the bed is also skolapshena in one object.

    Texture paths are cleared; you can use Bitmap / Photometric Paths to add them.

    A line of thread left in the form of a spline, you can adjust the thickness of the thread.

    The bed is made using different upholstery and in different colors.

    The model used fabrics brand Chivasso. Collections: Perino velvet, Caledon, Fiore.

    Texture seamless.

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