• ramil301 3 years ago
    very nice
    • Тошов 3 years ago
      The author is so humble and silent listening.
  • rabser 3 years ago
  • pletenka 3 years ago
    Do not stop to envy ...
  • banderas2780 3 years ago
    Very cool!
  • danavrin 3 years ago
  • adamus 3 years ago
    I think, under the name qqwww march a few people working (modeler and texture that people at least). Well, maybe it's not, not physically psychologically, whittling on the models every 2 days for a long time.
    • garik-3d 3 years ago
      Looked like a movie poster on the tube, on modeling sofas, he accelerated twice, lasts about an hour, I think the author made a bed for 4-5 hours, plus render / couple of hours setting, total one working day.
    • gunslinger 3 years ago
      I think you underestimate the author and at the same time overestimate the complexity of modeling furniture tru pro-modeler :) But it can be.

      Definitely can not drag all alone, for example, Bertrand, here known as codename Benoita.
    • Brilliantovvv 3 years ago
      If a person is a fanatic! then anything is possible !!
      Someone pulls s energy to others ... Ku and who sublimates and creates ...
  • Ganzorig 3 years ago
  • rm-style 3 years ago
    very natural!
  • nguyenvandoan 3 years ago
    Beautiful! Thank you!
  • remuhin 3 years ago
    Very cool. I am glad that seen steady growth from the author. The folds become more natural, more realistic visa. Respect and uvazhuha
  • niko-ea 3 years ago
    Mega cool! Your model is decorated with designs)))
  • 115599aa 3 years ago
    "Super model"
  • Mankovcki 3 years ago
  • yusnitria 3 years ago
  • PROST1R 3 years ago
  • abada_anwar 3 years ago
  • Alleandra3D 3 years ago
    Thank you!
  • uivfig 3 years ago
    Thank you!
  • bdmitry87 3 years ago
    Thank you!!
  • Тошов 3 years ago
    And the cost for the production of this model should be made to quote for the customer, unless the distinguished author does not make them strictly for sale here. You can not do ordinary visa to the individual study of the furniture, because the cost of the work rises to the heavens.
    Thank you for 2010 with a deep bow.
  • ko.di 3 years ago
    Thank you!
  • rx99 3 years ago
    Thank you!
  • YARR 3 years ago
    Pts cool! )
    But I think that some of the dimensions of the texture - this is overkill.
    A very "impressed", for example, grayscale texture for bump carpet - on 15,6mb!
    I reduced it to ~ 7 times the size (spun by the same tile) and it takes ~ 300kb!
    In general, for such procedural texture maps exist, no? )
  • Lomi 3 years ago
    Thank you so much!
  • Morcovka 3 years ago
    Thank you!
  • Sasha Kostyuchkova 3 years ago
    Thank you!!!
  • DSitsev 2 years ago
    Thank you!
  • Rendom 2 years ago
    Thank you!
  • Lerundriya 2 years ago
    Thank you!
  • xasi1 10 months ago
    Hello Gogolov Artem, could you tell me who the manufacturer of this floor lamp is the one on the left
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Bed Minotti ANDERSEN BEDpro


model details

Platform: 3dsMax 2010 + obj
Render: Vray
Size: 92 MB
Date: 2016.10.12 08:34
Formfactor: Rectangle
Style: Modern
Material: Fabric