• NAS087 2 years ago
    It's delightful! :)
  • Archis3d 2 years ago
    regular omnomn from omnomn!
  • Haeron 2 years ago
  • Makc2017sm 2 years ago
    Very nice and appetizing!
  • cgalex 2 years ago
    Just bombing!
  • kiến ha pham 2 years ago
    big like!
  • AnnaMariaBocsono 2 years ago
    If it's not a secret, how long does it take you to create 1 model?
    • omnomn 2 years ago
      It's hard to say, completely differently) On average, probably somewhere around 2-4 full working days together with the render and build of the archive, but it's not exactly :)
  • jefers 2 years ago
    Made with soul and taste!
  • fili4ka85 2 years ago
  • berezen.v 2 years ago
    although I ate, but I wanted to ...
  • alesya5enot 2 years ago
    You have good models. But the materials look flat, as if only a diffuse map lies, and the other slots are empty. Focus on the materials in the following and they will be excellent)
    • omnomn 2 years ago
      I already thought in this vein, the last two models were just on materials was an experiment for me, you can say. Twisted and so and edak every week, morally tired of these models and left as is :)) I will try something else in the next.
      Probably there is more need to focus on lighting and generally change the scene) In any case, thank you for the constructive feedback, your models are one of those few that really need to be equal :)
      • alesya5enot 2 years ago
        My models are ordinary) And in your spent a lot of labor resources. It's a pity that the downloads are few. It would be more than 100%, if you just twisted the mats - and therefore paid attention.
        • omnomn 2 years ago
          There is probably more such a factor as the relevance or usability of the model, chtoli - in my opinion too specific set and not in every interior will go, made for my taste and for training rather)
  • usov.80 2 years ago
    Do not argue girls, you are both adorable!)
    • omnomn 2 years ago
      No one argues, everything is wonderful :) thank you)
  • Yoogeen 2 years ago
    Looks delicious!)
  • Sergei137 2 years ago
  • Nemke 2 years ago
    Thank you! Beauty...
  • lenkom 2 years ago
  • bunko 2 years ago
    i just bought the scene - didn't see there is no obj or fbx. can you please export?
    • omnomn 2 years ago
      Type in a personal email
  • koshees 2 years ago
  • AYLENART year ago
    Just drooling!
  • alya18071980@mail.ru 8 months ago
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Kitchen set with bread and donutspro


model details

Platform: 3dsMax 2009 и ниже
Render: Vray
Size: 80 MB
Date: 2018.05.08 01:13
Style: Ethnic
Material: Organics

Kitchen set with baguettes, donuts and twigs :)

Polygons: 546250 Vertices: 393139

Pleasant use)