Water cooler VATTEN L01WK 3515

                                    Water cooler VATTEN L01WK 3515
  • 3dsMax 2012 + obj (Corona)
  • 3.75 MB
  • 2019.06.27 21:13
  • Modern
  • cooler, water, water heater, dispenser, vatten, water machine
  • Cooler with bottom loading bottles. Front and top panels of UV-resistant ABS plastic. The highest cooler of this class. The hot water tap has “childproof”. Four LED indicators. --- Dimensions: W: 310 mm (front) G: 350 mm (depth) B: 1095 mm (height) --- Soft: original max2015, rewritten in max2012 + OBJ The model is made in full accordance with the actual size. Render: Corona render In the scene one material multi sub object. Where can one buy: 

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