• Barbatana year ago
    Oh my god...so good set! It's really only LT? It's so detailed, and so many pieces.
  • 3DMayer year ago
    And why not to the competition ??
  • MURATKAYA year ago
    Very detailed and clean model. Congratulations
  • Gestas year ago
    Just now I found out that there is a bucket in the bus for used tickets (yes, yes ... it’s such a culture ...)
  • werbaq year ago
    kayfovaya modelka
  • RadionovAS1 year ago
    Cool bus. And the work quality! I'll leave a link to my retro bus here. And in its circular on yours.https://3ddd.ru/3dmodels/show/londonskii_avtobus_1 
    • densh year ago
      I did not know that you also have)) Super!
  • hey_ley year ago
    I do not see one quadruple in the set, see lost! Work super
    • densh year ago
      It seems there is everything on the thumbnails)
  • YanCodename year ago
    How do you build it? Is it possible that you model every detail and then collect it like a real designer?)
    • densh year ago
      Yes, according to the instructions, part by part) All the details of the model manually (using those that were made earlier), without third-party programs, if only I check the dimensions of the complex details of the pictures which are not found) After checking every detail, now I delete the excess which is not visible. It takes a lot of time and patience)
      Not rarely have to buy boxes and make textures for stickers and men)
      • YanCodename year ago
        Ahhh tin, krasava!)
        Well, you have already modeled so many parts that now you can assemble any sets)
        Eh ... LEGO spent a lot of time on him when he was small ... caef)
  • X_N year ago
    Looks great!
  • Shumer year ago
    Thank you so much for all your Lego sets, they are cool!
  • t0931 3 months ago
    This is certainly wonderful, but almost 40 minutes have passed, and I still have not finished attaching 4000+ objects. And it’s precisely because of this model that I’ll still install the Quick Query Script
    • densh 3 months ago
      I just checked it myself several times - highlighted the bus, left one in the scene, ungrouped everything, selected one die (just in case, turned it into poly), clicked “attech list”, highlighted the entire list of objects there and clicked “attech”, then merged all materials and ... wait 2-3 minutes the object is ready)) without additional plugins ..
      • t0931 3 months ago
        At first I did the same with one of the buses (In a separate scene. Ungrouped. Reset Xform. Attachlist the whole bus). max hung min for 10-15. When it drooped, the smoothing groups flew off, everything was messy (this is strange).
        After that, I decided to attach 100-200 objects, as I usually do in such cases. Each such operation hangs for 1-5 minutes. The more objects at a time, the longer it hangs, in progression. Maybe you have a new version of max in which this is fixed, but in my, max 2019 so. And it always has been.
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LEGO London Bus №10258pro


model details

Platform: 3dsMax 2014 + fbx
Render: Corona
Size: 39 MB
Date: 2018.10.11 22:31
Style: Modern
Material: Metal Plastic

LEGO London Bus # 10258 and # 21013

Detailed double-decker bus and Big Ban models. Maximum optimized and lightweight, without compromising the quality of geometry from the perspective of the first plan.

The model from the LEGO company perfectly is suitable for any interior of a nursery as a decorative element.

In the scene there are 2 bus models, 2 instructions, details, Big Ban.


3dsMax 2014 + Corona; Fbx.