• c3dm 2 years ago
    The idea is obvious)))
  • GorillaZ 2 years ago
    In the morning I'll pour the thumbnails more
    • c3dm 2 years ago
      Agreed. Especially where the picture is.
  • ivkovski 2 years ago
    Well done
  • DIMORG 2 years ago
    The picture is good))) Lemon liked, the peasant bit off)))
    • GorillaZ 2 years ago
      Duc-er ... who, in your opinion, was eating it off) that you will not go for the sake of an idea
  • artsandsver 2 years ago
    A huge ass, fucking. (Non-working environment)
    • GorillaZ 2 years ago
      Well, for starters, (in my subjective opinion) it's not so that, straight ... ASS. Rather quite-pleasant to the sight of a priest, probably someone's former
      But in general, if you are confused in this working environment only it .... Well, it is made a separate object - you can safely delete, I will not be offended
      Thank you for the comment
      • c3dm 2 years ago
        A very low-key response followed
  • JuDaSOp1 2 years ago
    This lemon !!! Well, well, the priest is also excellent, but limoon!
  • hogarndex 2 years ago
    Very cool ! 5+
  • Маленькая_86 2 years ago
    Success to victory!
  • joejahn 2 years ago
    I would have set the urn on fire, it would have been more effective)) I put 5)
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Loft is now a bachelorpro


model details

Platform: 3dsMax 2013 + fbx
Render: Corona
Size: 78 MB
Date: 2017.07.28 23:55
Style: Ethnic
Material: Metal Fabric

Loft is now a bachelor of chandelier: Loft Polygon Alpha coffee table: CosmoRelax Tulip chair: Field Lounge Chair https://www.behance.net/gallery/55244297/Loft-dlja-uzhe-holostjaka 


field lounge chair, lounge, brick, cosmorelax, lemon, bottle, cognac, polygon alpha, tulip, field, decorative set of loft competition