Longhi Guiseppe Vigano

                                    Longhi Guiseppe Vigano
  • 3dsMax 2013 + obj (Corona)
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  • 2017.07.16 01:58
  • Classic
  • longhi, guiseppe vigano, bed, nightstand, couch, lighting, sconce
  • Kubrick BED Bed The wooden frame is covered with double density polyurethane foam, rigid on the frame and middle on the headboard. The perimetric frame is separated from the headboard and assembled by means of metal angular profiles, providing easy installation. It is possible to adjust the height of the grill by lowering it by 10 cm relative to the edge of the bed in 2 cm increments. This allows the use of a grate of any type or changing the height of the mattress surface. Http://formul.ru/products/Mebel_dlja_Spalni/Krovat/Longhi/KUBRICK-BED  Size: (W * D * H) 225x240x142 cm, 204x240x142 cm, 164x240x142 cm Bed Kubrick BENCH ItemBasket or Poof ManufacturerLONGHI CountryItalia CollectionLoveLuxe Model / Reference numberKUBRICK BENCH X 425 Dimensions145x50x45 https://www.milano-home.ru/katalog/banketki-i-pufi/kubrick-bench/  Wall lamp Colette Wall lamp Colette from Longhi with an original semicircular bubble consisting of curved from below transparent plates of Murano glass. The armature is made of anodized metal, subjected to laser processing, with finishing glossy chrome and glossy light gold. The luminaire is designed for light bulbs with a 60 g g9 base. Manufacturer: Longhi Identifier: 15604 Country / Style: Italy / Modern Material: Metal, Glass Dimensions: 39 * 50 * 29 https://www.trio.ru/catalog/svetilniki/bra/15604/  Bedside table ORWELL BEDSIDE TABLE Article ORWELL BEDSIDE TABLE Manufacturer Longhi Size 50 x 80 x 60 cm Material wood, leather, metal Artistic style Neoclassic Total number of vertices and polygons: polys - 311706 verts - 202525

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