Lumpy Star Wars (Happy Tree Friends)

                                    Lumpy Star Wars (Happy Tree Friends)
  • 3dsMax 2015 + fbx (Vray)
  • 4.60 MB
  • 2019.07.09 14:54
  • Modern
  • lumpy, happy tree friends, star wars, figurine, moose
  • Lumpy Star Wars (Happy Tree Friends)

    The moose figurine from the animated series Happy Tree Friends in the image of Princess Leia from Star Wars.

    In the scene: T-pose (just an elk), T-pose Star Wars (elk in Princess Lea's mantle and lightsaber), a pose with a sword and a horn, a broken horn.

    Total: 30100 polygons 31047 peaks

    Broken Horn: 336 polygons 340 vertices

    Lumpy T-pose Star Wars: 9424 polygons 9570 peaks

    Lumpy T-pose: 3700 polygons 3740 peaks

    Lumpy Pose Cut Horn: 16640 polygons 17397 peaks

    In the archive: materials (.mat), FBX and OBJ (each model in a separate file), the scene for 2015 max. Bonus: scene in .BLEND format.

    Additional previews (renders in Blender and the grid) look here in my portfolio.

    La-la-lalala, La-lalalala))

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To create a cartoon stroke in the 3D Max scene (V-ray render), V-ray Toon is used, and in the Blender scene (Cycles render), Freestyle is used.