• Action-sen year ago
    Imagine how difficult it was to look for references. I'm on the rover of the two thousand real photos dug no more than a dozen. And then the apparatus of their seventies! It turned out great!
      • Germain year ago
        well, it was necessary to fasten these links in the description, I would definitely win. And I went and photographed and modeled the nodes and in the wild resolution rendered and unrolled the texture, Spanish insult. Hold on, uncle.
        • xyla year ago
          It is unlikely, you can’t argue against milots. Almost all the girls pass by my piece of iron.
          • Y.O.U. year ago
            Mental work you have) Just predictable.

            Excellent work and materials. But the preview is more successful than the second, the scale of the work is more obvious there. For a trip to the museum a separate respect

            I now wonder more that this work, for example, has so few voteshttps://3ddd.ru/3dmodels/show/meet_on_mars_7_10_2020  modeling there in volume is not easier than yours. So your work is still well appreciated)
            From my fifth to the end of the vote;)
          • Cheraz year ago
            I think that there are 70% of the girls on the site .. hands and drove knit .. who crochet .. who knitting)))) These are the contests)) Everyone needs something to put on the shelf in the nursery .. And, with a piece of iron ... no options .. You're right ..
  • Cheraz year ago
    It turned out good .. But I did not have time ((They did the Lunokhod 2.. Outwardly similar, the difference is mainly in their 3pc cameras.
  • Aivory year ago
    Cool model! Detailing and materials on top!
  • Macks year ago
    First-class quality of the model, historical accuracy! Definitely vote!
  • drunk_hawk year ago
  • Zom6ie year ago
    Beautiful model!
  • Crooked year ago
    The similarity with the original is great! I wish you victory!
  • xyla year ago
    Deleted comment
  • xyla year ago
    in fact, I crawled into the space museum pofotkat
  • nekrobul year ago
    God, how much work there is on the highres. As for me, the snowstorm is even nearby.
    • Germain year ago
      I agree completely, hoping that this work will win, she is a cut above the rest. It would be nice to make two prizes, the audience award and from the jury, from the site’s oldies.
  • Kosten year ago
    Super!!! Hangs on the highres for a long time ... ...... staring at the parts =)
  • Y.O.U. year ago
    The promised fifth set. I support you and the orange cosmonaut, in my opinion - these are the two most worthy works
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model details

Platform: 3dsMax 2013 + obj
Render: Vray
Size: 111 MB
Date: 2019.03.20 17:19
Style: Modern
Material: Metal

You will find 2 files in the archive lunokhod_not_collapsed.max - weight 53MB with open stacks and lunokhod.max - weight 90Mb with closed stacks, turbosmooth not collapse, instance objects are saved For V-ray users below 3.1 in the materials, in the BRDF rollout, put Blinn, Phong or Ward 2.36 M polys