Made good carlotta marble table

                                    Made good carlotta marble table
  • 3dsMax 2010 + obj (Vray)
  • 1.55 MB
  • 2018.02.12 16:26
  • Classic
  • made good, carlotta, marble, table
  • This is high poly table Rendered in vray. Stack not collapsed. Textures included. Model tested checkmate light program. 3ds, fbx, obj files exported without meshsmooth modifier.

    No hidden objects All objects groupped All objects have materials No missing textures and texture paths cleared All objects have 1: 1 scale Model have lights and cameras, just open max file and Click and have the same image as preview. File have gamma 1.0 Unit scale cm 1: 1 Model optimized for rendering in 3ds max and v-ray, in other programs may adjust materials and lighting,

    CARLOTTA Made of stone, this set of dramatic nesting coffee tables attention. Exquisite craftsmanship paired with durable materials pattern, atop three wide legs. MATERIAL Marble DIMENSIONS A. 14 "Dia x 18" H 25 "Dia x 20" H B. 26 "Dia x 15" H 40 "Dia x 18" H

    4896 polys

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