• c3dm 2 years ago
  • sweep 2 years ago
    Maybe it's just that the wrong button was pressed by the wrong button, instead of Pro Light) (it is necessary to guess the author what is wrong.) It would be nice if the moderator specified that it was not so in the model and with a minor error there was an opportunity to fix this cant.
    • morosow 2 years ago
      That's for sure, I understand the level is growing, that this is a business, but you need to leave the opportunity to use the site and active users, contest participants, etc. And what would not have done, already light .... (
  • Donnerjack 2 years ago
    Concept! Good...
  • Zom6ie 2 years ago
    I have an original concept!
  • Jacot 2 years ago
    a dynamic pose!
  • __zaky__ year ago
    Please skip the settings for rendering this model ...
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Mantis-battle robot Scoutpro


model details

Platform: 3dsMax 2011 + obj
Render: Vray
Size: 18 MB
Date: 2018.02.18 14:58
Style: Modern
Material: Metal

Military intelligence robot-mantis. Version: 2011 Units: Millimeters Dimension: 142.2 x 223.41 x 185.93 Polys: 121 120 Box Trick: Yes Model Parts: 312 V-Ray ver. 3.00.03