• c3dm year ago
    What kind of Martian doesn't like to play ping-pong.
  • p.swicarz year ago
    Wow, that's legit.
  • 3dd_igor year ago
    Hello fellow Martians !!!
    The same topic - not enough permission to consider small things. And it worked out. Congratulations.
    And about Oportyunishku - right soul hurts. What a fellow was. And Brother Spirit, too, was crippled, well done.
    I (design engineer-technologist of radio-technical systems of aircraft) directly perceive my technology as such ...
    • Action-sen year ago
      The theme of Mars and the exploration of the planets are close in spirit to me, I was also glad to meet like-minded people)) and by the way I was pleased with the appearance of Curiosity, hoping that it would be.
      • c3dm year ago
        And for me, this topic is also close, I ufo abducted)
        Hello odnumudtsam
  • 3dd_igor year ago
    And here I am somewhere in the depths of my soul, I hope that in the next season of winds the dust from Opportunity blew away. It can recharge and come to life.
    Well, good luck to us ...
    • Action-sen year ago
      I think we are not alone! I hope that we have a lot. On the NASA site, by the way, there is an interactive where you can “dust off” the batteries and send Oppy a postcard))
  • 3dd_igor year ago
    cool I was not wearing there. thank.
  • 3dd_igor year ago
    well yes. 50 years (earthly) should be enough. but you can run a broom over the neighbor)))
  • v e r t e x year ago
  • alisa_milafon year ago
    Here is a model! Cool!
  • 3dd_igor year ago
    Well, I do not know ... But anyway, congratulations! Well, this is not the sixth place in the back (as in some 15th). It could be better, of course, so what can we do? Points to the prize is not so much was not enough.
    I wish you further success creative, and in your personal life.
    • Action-sen year ago
      Thank. Yes, nothing)) Just did not agree with the interests of the majority, this is not a reason for sadness)
      • 3dd_igor year ago
        No sadness! Full speed ahead! Keep it up; and better!
  • pletenka year ago
    Good Good luck!
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Opportuny roverpro


model details

Platform: 3dsMax 2013 + obj
Render: Corona
Size: 68 MB
Date: 2019.03.18 10:56
Style: Classic
Material: Metal

Opportunity (Opportunity - an opportunity), or MER-B (abbr. From Mars Exploration Rover - B ') - the second rover of the NASA space agency of two launched by the United States as part of the Mars Exploration Rover project. On the surface of Mars fell January 25, 2004. The rover was designed to work for 90 solos (Martian days).

On June 12, 2018, the rover went into sleep mode due to a long and powerful dust storm that prevents light from entering the solar panels. Since then, it has not contacted, and at that time the expedition’s 5111st salt (more than 50 times the planned term).

February 13, 2019 NASA officially announced the completion of the mission of the rover.

Opportuny's blessed memory is dedicated.

----- Polys: 1320000 Verts: 820000 For Corona render, it is recommended to put a version not lower than 1.5, since the glossiness of materials is adjusted to fit PBR. The model is located on a separate layer of the same name. - Successful renders, friends.


space competition, mars, rover, nasa, opportunity, usa