• stassnetcov 2 years ago
  • Action-sen 2 years ago
    Ahhah)) Such a coincidence)) Paul, Jules, Forso (I also wanted to put it first, but I already have it as a separate model, so at the last moment I changed it to Terzial). And anyway, a globe, a board, a backpack, flowers and much more)) That's what I understand, thoughts went one way))
    • solomon5555 2 years ago
      Yes)) agree, sometimes the minds of the modeller converge))
  • Ayan Kumar Samanta 2 years ago
  • rabser 2 years ago
  • mixL 2 years ago
    Very good! Beautifully see) The mood of the work is cozy! I wish you victory!
  • AlexSmith1337 2 years ago
  • griphon 2 years ago
    Wow, that's a completely ready set for a child :)
  • Muhriddin-XON 2 years ago
    +1 voice
  • Oceanart 2 years ago
    amazing. good luck for competition .
  • rabser 2 years ago
  • Travinka 2 years ago
    It's so nice :) A room like that of a tomboy))) But the form mom prepared - tomorrow to school
  • starwalker 2 years ago
    Lover of the world of warcraft?)
    Good job!
  • solomon5555 2 years ago
    Thank you all for your voices and support!
  • SlavaWRX 2 years ago
    Thanks for the great models. I did not have the IC in the luminaire, in the crown, although everything seems to be turned on by default ... Cured by replacing the IC.
    • solomon5555 2 years ago
      Downloaded the model, checked, everything works
  • lia85 2 years ago
    Thank you!
  • PavlikGlydza 2 years ago
  • vepa6641 2 years ago
  • Thank! Chic set!
  • Nastya_i year ago
    special thanks for the texture with adequate resolution
  • Layrensiyabn 10 months ago
  • Rozaroti 10 months ago
    All the best to the kids, thanks for the work done by the 5 + model;)
  • pchela2006 9 months ago
    When you need to fill the nursery, I’m only to you! Drop dead sets, and for all occasions. Thank you so much !!! )
  • Diana-KD 4 months ago
    Deleted comment
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Furniture and accessories for the children's room "Back to School"pro


model details

Platform: 3dsMax 2013 + fbx
Render: Vray+Corona
Size: 94 MB
Date: 2018.09.17 19:46
Formfactor: Rectangle
Style: Modern
Material: Wood

CORONA + VRAY (2013)


A set of "Back to School", in the set there are furniture for the school place, school, educational attributes and decor for the child's room.

The kit contains:

Table Paul, width 960 mm, height 760 mm, depth 500 mm (IKEA). Cabinet with shelves (Stuva), width 600 mm, height 1280 mm, depth 500 mm (IKEA). Table lamp FORSO (IKEA). Chair of IULA (IKEA). Backpack for boys "Mochilas Infantis". Children's helmet LS2 FF353J Rapid Mini. Carpet is a hexagonal Camino. https://www.laredoute.com/ppdp/prod-350043161.aspx  A waistcoat and a butterfly for the schoolboy. Stationery. Wall clock (World stands). Tennis rocket. Board for notes. Felt-tip pens. Bouquet of flowers. Calculator. Pencils. Skateboard. Headphones. Running shoes. Markers. Column. A laptop. Globe. Poster. Books. Vase. Balls. Decor.

To correctly display objects on the petals of flowers, a keychain, a stand for pencils, a sneaker, a helmet and the bottom of the organizer, you need to enable turbo smooth, assign it to FBX files and then turn it on.