Furniture made of polyotonga with an umbrella

                                    Furniture made of polyotonga with an umbrella
  • 3dsMax 2014 + fbx (Vray+Corona)
  • 102.10 MB
  • 2017.11.20 12:45
  • Modern
  • polytentang, rattan, sofa, umbrella, journal, coffee, cup, decanter, milk, bun, bread, spoon, plaid, outdoor furniture
  • A set of furniture made of polirotanga with breakfast, the set includes chairs and a table, a pillow for a chair, an umbrella from the sun, plates, coffee with 3 times textures, a roll, bread. The detailed model is suitable for close-ups and 4K renderers. The model is created in 3ds Max 2014. The renderer uses Vray 3.2 and corona 1.3

    ********************************* - The model has the original size. - The model opens without errors. - The model does not use third-party plug-ins. ********************************* File format: - 3ds Max 14 V-Ray - 3ds Max 14 corona render - FBX (Multi Format)

    ********************************* I hope you will enjoy)

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