Mini Syrma pendant

                                    Mini Syrma pendant
  • 3dsMax 2011 + fbx (Vray)
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  • 2018.05.15 18:34
  • Modern
  • mini, syrma, pendant, tech lighting, suspension, lamp, gold, the black, white, carcass, metal
  • Model: Mini Syrma pendant Manufacturer: Tech lighting

    The mini syringe Mini Syrma from Tech Lighting has duplicated machined metal rods that are carefully attached at ideally spaced intervals to form an astounding multidimensional shade. The smooth diffused light comes from its LED source. Mini Syrma is ideal for lighting islands of the kitchen, lighting in the dining room and lighting in the bedroom. Overall dimensions (without suspension): height - 324 mm (12.7 "), diameter - 127 mm (5")

    Manufacturer's Website: http://www.techlighting.com/Products/Fixtures/freejack/Mini-Syrma-Pendant 

    In the archive: files max 2011, FBX, library of materials.

    Note: Pivot Point is located at the ceiling mount.

    In my profile, you can also find other lamps from this series: Syrma Grande pendant and Sirma pendant.

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